Has anyone here been told no?


I read a lot of threads with questions about annulments, a lot of them concerning form and length of time, but I don’t think I’ve seen posts from anyone whose final answer was ‘No’ from the Tribunal.

If you know someone who was told no, did they appeal? Did they feel supported in doing so? Did the decision get upheld or reversed?

I’m just curious, I was reading some annulments threads and wondered…, what happens to a person’s life when that happens?


I have read a couple of posts here from people who have been told no. I think generally though, those get weeded out before the cases are accepted by the Tribunal.


I hadn’t thought of that, thanks :slight_smile:


The head of the Tribunal here once told me that negative answers are rare. If the case is not proven, the petitioner will usually be urged to withdraw it rather than press for a ruling. That way it can be reopened if more evidence is acquired.


sadly several posters have given their stories here in the past about annulments being denied, sad because they had already imprudently entered into another relationship before the first had been adjudicated.

In this dioceses of cases that are referred for a full annulment investigation, about 25% are denied. that does not count cases that are invalid for lack of form or clearcut simple cases that do not go to full court press. those numbers are opinion from people who work with the tribunal, not published statistics.


That makes sense, I’m still learning about these things…:slight_smile:


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