Has anyone here ever used AIRBNB (bed n breakfast)

For those who don’t know, it’s an online site where you can find a place to stay for the night . Maybe we need a CAF BNB? :thinking:

I’m going to try it for the first time, coming up this week, and was curious to know anyone’s experiences.

We have never used AIRBNB but we’ve used HomeAway.

Is that pretty much the same thing? What did you think?

Second hand knowledge… our friends have used AirBnB several times. They have had positive experience with it.


We’ve used them a number of times. We’ve been pretty happy with most.

HomeAway specializes in free standing properties (although they may be on the same lot as another.) You have to pay attention to see what is included. They usually do NOT include breakfast but typically have a kitchen with cooking implements and at least enough coffee and tea for the first day.

The properties are typically in residential neighborhoods so you may not be in convenient walking distance to stores, restaurants, and public transportation.


I’ve used it a couple times personally, and I once used it with my family, though my dad booked it that time. For personal use, I just get a room in someone’s house. For family, we got a house to ourselves.

Getting a room can be a bit weird at first. I felt like I was invading on a family, and as nice as they were, it still felt weird. The second was a bit less awkward, but it was annoying to have to share a bathroom and microwave. In the end, I tend to prefer booking hotels through Expedia. It’s easier than Airbnb and can be bundled with my flight. In the end, I might pay a bit more, but I find the overall experience more pleasant.

For families, though, I think Airbnb is great if you get a house. It can still be a bit weird at first, but I preferred that over cramming everyone into two hotel rooms. It also means your kids are slightly less likely to keep all the neighbors awake. That wasn’t a problem for my family, given that my brother and I are adults, but I have talked to people for whom that’s a major reason to use Airbnb.

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I’m staying at a really nice place right now. Super modern, organized, and clean town house. I have it all to myself since my host went out of town on a business trip.

I"m just sort of amazed at how trusting people can be. I mean, he doesn’t know me in the slightest. And he just up and leaves me in his very hi tech new house with all his stuff. He seems to enjoy being a host very much. I’m not sure I’d be that trusting of people.

(I’ve already eaten most of his bag of organic Fuji apples. Don’t tell.)


Airbnb, Uber, and similar services do, to an extent, try to limit the possibility that someone will abuse the service. They aren’t perfect, but I’d imagine things like reviews and identity verification do discourage or push away at least some of the shady individuals. However, the services on a whole do seem to be built around the idea that people, in general, are respectful and trustworthy. Their success is sort of a nice reminder that, despite what the media (both social and traditional) seem to be telling us, most people aren’t really that awful.

Do you have his permission to be raiding his food?


He said I can help myself to whatever is in the fridge, but I replenished it tonight. I think it’s an overture of generosity but I’m thinking one ought not abuse that either. He’s got a brand new bag of just the same kind of apples to return home to.

He even tells people to help thereselves to what looks to be a very well stocked liquor cabinet. I don’t drink myself. But he is a very generous person.


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