Has anyone here gone to Virginia Beach on vacation?



My family and I are planning a trip to Virginia Beach . I simply cant decide on a hotl. Im usually pretty good at choosing, but this time I NEED HELP!!!:eek:

Please if anyone has any recomendations.

I have an 8 boy and 13(she’ll be 14 by then) girl. We will be going over 4th of July and I would like to be in the middle of any action. I dont like to be secluded–not my personality.

Any help would be much appreciated:thumbsup:



I did go…about twenty years ago!!!
I do recall that I had a nice time and the cold I had when we left home was gone by the time we got back.
All that time in the sun and surf…made me well!
Good luck with choosing that hotel…


It has been awhile…the Cavalier Hotel serves the best darn biscuits I’ve ever eaten…I should have gotten the recipe.


I am sorry I couldn’t be much of help, ALLFORHIM, but Virginia Beach is nice. I had been there once before and had not stayed overnight.

You may check this website out:
vabeach.com/ - it has hotel guide.

Wish yo have a great holiday. :slight_smile: July 4 will be super crowded at the beach.


Gratia et pax vobiscum,

I lived there for twenty years and my folks still live there and I visit often…

What would you like to know?



TDY there, visited there…Elder granddaughter born in Portsmouth.

Courtyard by Marriott.

Doubletree Virginia Beach.

Cavalier Hotel.

All three have lovely breakfasts included, although contemplative is right about Cavalier’s bisquits (and their grits are good, too). The room in the Doubletree was the nicest.


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