Has anyone here had a Parathyroidectomy?


I’m not seeking medical advice, but I would like to know if anyone has had a Parathyroidectomy. I am scheduled for this surgery in June, and was wondering what the recovery was like, how painful it is, and any thing else that might be of interest or help in recovery.

Also, how did you feel after the surgery as compared to before? Right now I have a lot of muscle and joint pain, fatigue, my blood pressure is very high, and my muscles seem to be getting weaker. I am hoping this will improve. I would appreciate it if someone could share any info. Thank you.


A good friend had her thyroid removed last year. She said recovery “wasn’t too bad”, for her the worst part was the sore throat resulting from intubation during the surgery. Otherwise, she stayed on her pain meds and managed okay. Her symptoms didn’t improve (compared to pre-surgery) until they finally switched her thyroid prescription after 6 months or so.

Good luck on your surgery and recovery! Prayers for you.


CB, are you having the old-fashioned major operation or the mirp (minimally invasive)? Asking because that makes a big difference in terms of recovery etc.

A friend of mine had the mirp and it was done on an outpatient basis and almost nil recovery. The other more extensive surgery would be much more involved.


Unfortunately, it will be the old fashioned surgery because my scan did not pinpoint the lesion (which the endocrinologist says is fairly common.) The surgeon will have to explore. Otherwise it would be a 20 minute operation. Thank God the surgeon is very experienced in this area and does lots of them. I have to stay overnight in the hospital.:frowning:


I know several people whose ‘scan’ did not show the lesion, and they all had the simple minimal surgery. The old-fashioned standard type is a nightmare with no guarantee of success. (Some had that previously with no success). Check out dr norman and parathyroid.com for tons of information on this topic. Good luck.


The surgeon just said he would have to explore and locate the abnormal gland, so I just assumed it was the old fashioned technique, but perhaps it is still minimally invasive. I should clarify this with him. He said it was a simple process once he found the gland, and he uses intra-operative assays to help him locate it. thanks for your well-wishes.


Had a total thyroidectomy 4 years ago. Was not too bad. I still have a scar on my throat but it has faded over the years.


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