Has anyone here read the book 'The Robe', by Lloyd C. Douglas? Or seen the movie of the same name?

Right now I’m re-reading the novel, ‘The Robe’, by Lloyd C. Douglas. I’m reading it aloud to myself, as a matter of fact. A friend of mine gave me a hard-cover edition of the book a few weeks ago. I also have it in paperback, but the print is getting rather small for me to read.

I always like to read it during Lent and / or Easter.

Also, has anyone seen the 1950s movie based on it? I first saw it on Easter Sunday 1967, when ABC showed it with minimum commercial interruption.

Whenever I read ‘The Robe’ silently, I always have in my head the voices of the actors who played the main characters: Richard Burton (Marcellus Gallio), Jean Simmons (Diana Gallus), Victor Mature (Demetrius), and Dean Jagger (Barsabas Justus).

Just curious if anyone here has read the book and /or watched the movie?

Yes. Did read the book some time ago, and quite often they show the Robe on TCM around Easter. You can also contact TCM and request they show it.

One of my favorite movies.

I’ve never read the book, but I own a copy of the movie. I plan to watch it again on Easter. My Lenten viewing schedule is going like this: I’ve been watching Jesus of Nazareth over the past few weeks (usually Fridays after adoration and the Way of the Cross. ) Then, during Holy Week I plan to watch the Ten Commandments, “The Passion…” on Good Friday, and finally, "The Robe"on Easter Sunday. :slight_smile:

I saw the movie years ago and found it to be very moving. Now that you have mentioned it, I will have to see if anyone is going to be showing it anytime soon! :slight_smile:

What? :eek: No “King of Kings” with Jeffery Hunter? You have all the other bases covered! I love the theme from that movie.

Hello there,

I don’t have a TV in the house, but I bought this movie on DVD and watched it several times. I really loved the whole story especially the scene where the crippled lady is speaking to Marcellus as she weaves a basket.

2 Cor 13:13
Eddy Barry

I have both the book and the movie. The movie was better.
Jay Robinson, who was only 23, did a magnificant job as Caligula. It made the movie.


In the book, the final scene in Caligula’s throneroom is not exploited well. Caligula is not that interested in the proceedings and at the end just wanders off to do something else. There is none of Jay Robinson’s hysterics, which were historically right on, :thumbsup: and show the evils of unlimited power.

The book was written by a Methodist minister who filled it with preaching about Jesus. The movie dropped all of that and concentrated on the story of Richard Burton’s character. It also dropped many of the scenes of Burton’s travels, such as to Greece where he meets a Jew who tells him about the Old Testament, and a trip to a small town where he does charity work, etc.

The book was number one on the New Times Bestseller List for nine months during WWII. I’m guessing the people in the Bible Belt were buying it.
Times have changed. No doubt many books have been written like it since, but you never hear of them.

FYI: The composer of the music ‘King of Kings’ was the same one who did it for ‘Ben-Hur’. His name was Miklos Rozca (spelling on the last name?)

I think that Turner Broadcasting (actually, Turner Classic Movies) has a movie marathon of religiously-themed movies on Easter. Some are pretty good, and some are…well…pretty bad. I watched some of it at the home of one of our TLM chapel parishioners before sitting down to dinner.

I forgot to mention that I saw the movie first, then read the book. It was in the library of my seventh-grade school. Come to think of it, there were a lot of things that were ‘switched around’ in the film, that were not in the book.

The only book I ever read first before seeing the movie was ‘The Silver Chalice’ by Thomas B. Costain. I only saw the movie (a perfectly awful one, with Paul Newman in his film debut as the lead character Basil of Antioch) two years ago, on the TCM Easter movie marathon.

Sorry, Barb, you just missed it. IT WAS ON TCM TODAY! Don’t worry though, despite having Richard Burton et al., it never did receive any critical acclaim and that’s the nice way of putting it. Read on…

I own both a nice leather copy of the book and a DVD of the movie. The book is so much better to read before watching the movie…the book is different in places…and tells more of the love story between Marcellus and Diana…especially when Demetrius escapes with Diana to the village Marcellus has taken up residence as a tutor for the son of a rich vineyard owner…and the effect he has on the village…telling them the story of Jesus of Nazareth.

The tension between Marcellus and his father is covered more in depth…Marcellus was not a nice guy…he was 'punished" by being assigned to the garrison in Jerusalem…the sequel “The Big Fisherman” is also good…not as good as “The Robe”…but enjoyable.

“Demitrius and the Gladiators” is the movie sequel to “The Robe”…“The Big Fisherman” is a different adaption of another of Lloyd C. Douglas’ books.

Silver Chalice wa so awful, Newman himself urged people not to see it. :smiley:

It was the first film released in CinemaScope. There was a sequel, “Demetrius and the Gladiators”.

Re “King of Kings”, I never liked Jeffrey Hunter as a blue-eyed Jesus. It’s probably my least favorite adaptation of the Gospels. (I just recently learned that the narration by an uncredited Orson Welles, which was one of the few things I liked about the movie, was written by an uncredited Ray Bradbury. He also wrote an additional scene (the one with Barabbas right after the intermission).

That’s right; in fact, he took out a full-page ad in ‘Variety’ magazine totally disavowing his part in it!

And he never did any kind of ‘ancient history’ movie role after that!

I don’t know who said this, but-‘King of Kings’ (the one with Jeffrey Hunter) was called by some wag (probably a film critic) ‘I Was A Teenage Jesus’. Think it had something to do with a B-movie called ‘I Was A Teenage Werewolf’.

Go figure…:shrug:

Actually, it received three Oscars. And Richard Burton was nominated Best Actor for his role as Marcellus. Never won it, however; in fact, he never got an Oscar for any of the other roles he was nominated for (last one was Henry VIII in ‘Anne of the Thousand Days’).

‘The Robe’ was on TCM yesterday? I don’t have TV at all, so of course I missed it…oh, well…:shrug:

The sequel is one of those rare ones that’s almost as good as the original.

Although to me, with the way the plot goes, it really should be considered more of a Spin-off that follows the story of Demetrius, rather than a “true sequel” as really The Robe had an ending that truly couldn’t be “Sequelised”.

Burton was one of those Actors that was loved and well awarded in his home country, but never was able to turn that into winning an Academy Award.

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