Has anyone here read "The Nightmare World of Jack T. Chick"?

I saw an ad on the CA site for a book titled The Nightmare World of Jack T. Chick. Has anyone here read it? I’d be interested in your opinions. According to the description, the book shows how Chick misrepresents Catholicism and refutes his claims.

I’ve never seen a “Chick Tract” in person (I guess I should consider myself lucky). But I’ve seen several on the Internet. They’re stiffly drawn comics that present diatribes against various things that bother Creationists and Fundamentalist Protestants. Numerous parodies can also be found on the Internet.


I just read it recently. It gives some good background information on J. Chick and his contributors. I have read/seen Chick comics before since I’m a convert from S. Baptist. I found it most interesting (and comforting) to find out that he is not widely supported by Protestant religions/groups.

The most interesting section of the book though was J. Akin’s description of a chance meeting that he had with J. Chick and what they said to each other.

As a sidenote, I did have a nightmare the very night I finished reading the book. The things that J. Chick says about the Catholic church are very disturbing.

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I’ve seen some of these Jack Chick comics and I find them ridiculous and amusing. They are unsophisticated and aimed at the less educated people.

I probably wouldn’t read an entire book about them though.

I would agree that most mainstream Protestants don’t give him a lot of credence, especially the wackier conspiracy theory type things. BUT I have seen instances where his false facts get quoted and re-quoted by “bible-only” types who don’t even know where the original quote came from but somehow take it as truth. My husband heard some anti-Catholic Jack Chick stuff when he was in the church of Christ denomination but he didn’t know the source and neither did the people saying it - they were just perpetuating the lies out of ignorance.

I believe it’s more of a booklet than a book. CA has the full text of the article The Nightmare World of Jack Chick right on their website. I’m not positive, but I would imagine it’s the same as the book you can buy from them.

I’ve read the article (a while back). It’s worth reading just because his stuff is out there. As one poster said, you will often encounter the statements Chick makes even when the people have no idea what the original source is. Chick distributes millions of tracts. It’s helpful to be familiar with him, IMO.

Yes, the tract The Nightmare World of Jack T. Chick"? provided for free on CA is aweome! I encourage everyone on here to click on the link Langdell provided and read it and print it out too. Share it with family and friends. So many of these lies have been spread about our Church and it is far reaching. The truth is truly the best armor when dealing with this!

Actually, it was Joe who provided the link. :wink: (Thanks, Joe!)

Ahh Sorry - you’re right, thanks for the link Joe!!

Your welcome. :slight_smile: I’m not into posting links just for glory, so I don’t mind the occasional misattribution. :wink:

I’m not sure people really need a whole book to see that Jack is not a person to be associated with the sane (though it would be interesting to read some literature on the subject). Even his tracts that don’t deal with Catholicism are full of holes. :rolleyes:

Yes, but the sheer volume of his stuff that his been put out is reason enough for addressing him. As I said in an earlier post, the roots of some false facts that have been perpetuated by anti-Catholics can be found in Jack Chick’s catalog. If a lie gets repeated enough, it becomes truth for many people. There are thousands, maybe millions of people who have been directly or indirectly exposed to his lies. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. When we hear someone tell one of those classic lies about the Church, if we can link it back to a Jack Chick invention and tell of why he has zero credibility, we may be able to get some people back into reality.

The tract that exposes him on Catholic Answers is REALLY well done.

Yes I agree more information regarding his anti-Catholic garbage should be addressed. Other than that though, I think half of his other tracts, by themselves, are more than enough to expose just how minute his intelligence is when making arguments.

Most people consider the tracts a joke. They speak for themselves. I think it’s better to ignore them and read uplifting literature instead.

I don’t know… you said so yourself, they’re a joke. That makes them excellent subjects for parody. :D:cool:

For most people, yes they are easily recognizeable as false. But I don’t think we can adopt an “ignore them” approach. The fact is, there really are people out there who take them seriously (I have encountered some on other messageboards). When encountering such people, it’s helpful to know the background.

And even people who, if they saw the tracts for themselves, would dismiss them as rubbish, still end up effected when a friend of a friend might mention something from a tract and the person proceeds to take it at face value not knowing that the friend of a friend’s source is completely unreliable.

Not that every Catholic ought to spend loads of time researching every outlandish Chick claim, but I know that I’m glad that I know at least a little bit of background on it.

Don’t dismiss them. Well-meaning, intelligent people use them in a last-ditch effort to get the general public interested in the Word of God, when all other means have failed. Then less-informed people collect them in the interest of selling or using them for entertainment, and the repetition affects their judgment until they begin to wonder what if some of the odd ideas in them are true. Meanwhile the same power of repetition is wearing down the defenses of the distributors themselves, who also begin to entertain just one little thing and then just maybe one more, until the general credibility of the cosnpiracy theory gains a lot of ground where it would seem least likely. Chick’s slogan is attractive to people who have exhausted every way of getting anyone to listen to the Gospel message: they are read. Mainly to pass the time and to make fun of them, yes, but they are read, and then the damage starts happening. It’s subconscious. It’s gradual. Analyzing them is the best defense, because that kind of literature works by keeping the mind nonanalytical while it erodes logic from the underside.

Hee, this is one of my all-time favorite articles from CA. I find Chick tracts amusing and cringe-inducing at the same time. The content is cringe-inducingly counter to anything that resembles Christianity, but at the same time, the artwork and the logic are so bad it induces uncontrollable fits of laughter. I have to laugh out loud at how the Pope is always drawn as an obese despot, while all Jesuits look like Snidely Whiplash in a cassock.

My personal favorite is “Dark Dungeons”: his depiction of tabletop roleplay gaming is so far from reality it’s cause for much finger-pointing and laughing from all the gamers I know.

Dark Dungeons is enough to leave me rolling aorund helplessly in my chair out of breath from laughter. First of all, a group of gamers – sitting up straight – dressed as if on the way to a first job interview – in a perfectly clean livng room – with an adult female DM who doesn’t look anythign like any DM I ever saw. The scene where the girl screams and quakes because it’s time to roll up a new character.:confused: And no one asks if there’s any medication she ought to be taking. And she commits suicide. Because she can’t get by without the imaginary friend she’d made of her character. Such gamers exist. If it weren’t D&D it would be the soap operas or something. But the scene is enough to tug at anyone who is worried about a friend who is a little too literal about games, so it puts a root in. So because the other girl can somehow play D&D alone, the DM decides to grant her magical powers, which she squanders on dice or whatever. She has a suicidal friend, but the powers are for getting toys with.:doh2: The levels of weirdness start to cancel each other out as the brain struggles to make some part of it make sense. :hypno:

There is also something called The Satanic Cosmology of Jack Chick, by someone named Andrew Hultkrans, which may or not be of interest. It’s hysterically funny. It would help if the two publications did not have such similar titles.

Chick disapproves of
*]Dungeons and Dragons
*]any Bible other than the AV (AKA KJV)
*]good works
[/LIST]- all of which are hauled over the coals in his publications. He’s something of a conspiracist, of a relatively benign variety: instead of hoarding fire arms to bring down the Government, he goes in for denouncing Rome as the source of all evil: including Islam, ecumenism, Communism, Nazism, modern Bible versions, etc. It would be nice if he did not sell in the UK, but he does. :shrug:

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