Has anyone known someone they knew would join the Church someday?


Have you ever known a person that was either both Protestant and/or anti-Catholic that you knew would join the church someday? I do… His name is Jake. When I met him he was a Baptist and the son of a friend of mine. He was probably 13 the first time I sat down and talked to him about the Dune Trilogy by Frank Herbert. We talked about alot over the next few years and I enjoyed talking with him about many topics but mainly matters of faith.

About 4 yrs ago I ran into him while doing my homework for the Great Adventure Bible Study. We talked about it for a while and after that he showed up every Thursday at that place to talk about what I was learning. He argued with me about Catholicism and doctrines of the Catholic Church. He argued that the Bible didn’t teach such things as apostolic succession, prayers for the dead, honoring Mary, etc… just as any typical Baptist would. I challenged him and he challenged me to study and learn more. Very early on I told him that he would be Catholic someday. This went on through that class, the Acts of the Apostles class and he announced that he signed up for RCIA. I was happy for him and I consoled him when RCIA was way too basic for his needs… but mostly I encouraged him.

About 2 months into RCIA he really complained about wanting to come into the Church early and how he couldn’t wait to receive the Body and Blood… so he talked the pastor into giving him individual instruction but the priest wanted him to wait until Easter Vigil to receive the sacraments. I explained that he needed to learn patience and yes, he did know more than most in RCIA about the Church but maybe it was God’s will that he wait. Anyway, he was received into the Church and soon after he confided that he felt called to the Priesthood…WOW!!!

My parish now has the first seminarian that they have had in years!!! In the mean time we have gotten a new pastor and he just loves the new pastor because he is very orthodox and he has made Jake a permanent acolyte until he leaves for the seminary. Jake has blossomed and become an inspiration to the youth in the Church when he was asked to start a youth group. My kids got involved in the youth group and LOVED it because it wasn’t about being entertaining or doing fun stuff… it was about exploring doctrine and learning more about their faith.

Anyway, has anybody ever seen anything like this? Or felt like God was touching a soul through them? It is so totally cool that we had such an awesome relationship all these years and now he is studying for the priesthood…

He will make such a good servant of God! I feel blessed just to have been a witness to his conversion and his discernment.




I’m just not there yet, but I’m pretty sure one day one of my college friends, who was a convert from the same background as me, will use me as an example of this.


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