Has anyone laid down their life for the theory of evolution and/or the theory of relativity?

Faith is a higher order of thinking. In the history of Christianity, there have been many martyrs for that faith and there will continue to be such martyrs. Are there martyrs for the theory of evolution or the theory of relativity?

Are there martyrs for atheism for that matter. Is it important for atheists that everyone should accept it and is it worth dying for?

Yes. For martyrs for the Theory of Evolution read up on the history of Lysenkoism in the Soviet Union. Some names are: Isaak Agol, Solomon Levit, Grigorii Levitskii, Georgii Karpechenko, Georgii Nadson and Nikolai Vavilov.

I am not aware of any martyrs for the Theory of Relativity.

I am puzzled by your logic here. Does that fact that many Jehova’s Witnesses have also been martyred for their beliefs validate the correctness of those beliefs?


I’m not trying to make a point here. Just a thought I had and didn’t know the answer. JW martyrs do not validate the correctness of those beliefs in my eyes. I was just wondering if there were atheists that were willing to lay down their lives for their beliefs.

Please do not associate the Theory of Evolution with atheists. Evolution has absolutely nothing to do with atheism and atheism has nothing to do with evolution. The Catholic church does not find any conflict with the Theory of Evolution. As a teaching assistant at The Catholic University of America in the late 1980s and early 1990s I help teach evolution to many good young Catholics. Something interesting that you should be aware of is that on a large scale the scientific theories of the creation of the earth and evolution follows the same basic sequence as the Book of Genesis.

In regard to your question: I hope not. One’s faith is something to die over. Only a fool would die over a scientific theory.

As the Catholic Church has no issue with the Theory of Evolution, I fail to see the purpose to your question.

As for the Theory of Relativity, perhaps if the OP (and please, I want to hear the OP’s explanation) could explain it to us, I could better respond.

I realize what you are saying and already knew that. I asked my question clumsily. Sorry. If evolution is determined to be a scientific fact at some point it cannot contradict creation. There is only one truth. The problem isn’t with evolution vs. creation, the problem is with our finite minds. Science would then need to get to work on explaining that.

Has anyone ever posted something without really thinking it through? Well, this is one of those times for me. I’m thinking we should just drop it.

The Theory of Evolution remains just that: a theory. It’s one that, even if it was absolute fact would not conflict with the Church’s interpretation of the Creation stories in the Bible. Do not let your mind be polluted by those heretics who believe the Bible to be the literal, exact, inerrant word of God. This is not a truth held by the Church, and she has kept herself free to interpret the Bible, concluding that there is no conflict with Evolution.

Now, what is the problem with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity?

One point I use to make to students at the beginning of the very first day of class is that: The Theory of Evolution is about how evolution has taken place. The Theory of Evolution is not about if evolution has taken place. That evolution has taken place, is taking place, and will take place in the future can and should be taken as a fact. To see it clearly just look at what bred of dog you own - that’s the result of Sexual Selection.

What evolved into the dog in the first place? If evolution is an ongoing process, which everyone says it is, then why do we not hear about the critter that’s currently walking around that seems to be the next evolutionary stage, or is in the process of developing into the next evolutionary stage, of some other critter that is currently walking around?

All this got me to start asking questions of friends, particularly liberal friends for whom evolution was a dogma of their religion. I would ask, “Okay, so the monkey evolves into an ape that evolves into man; so, what evolved into the monkey? And, what evolved into what evolved into the monkey?” I kept thinking about how I had seen the chart about the evolution of ape into man, but I could not recall ever having seen a chart of what evolved into the monkey. And I most certainly did not recall seeing any chart that traced man’s specific evolution back to a one-celled amoeba or any such thing. Yes, there were charts that had a fish with an arrow pointing to an amphibian and an arrow going from the amphibian to the reptile and one from the reptile to the mammal on one side and the bird on the other, but these were very, very general. I wanted specifics.

Not one of them could answer my questions. Not one. They didn’t even attempt to answer my questions. Which made me realize that for most people, the belief in evolution is more about faith than it is about knowledge. They believe it because someone they trusted taught them about it and they have never ever seriously questioned that belief.

I started looking for such a comprehensive evolutionary chart on the internet. I’m not saying there isn’t one out there, but I couldn’t find it. I did not spend hours and hours looking, but it wasn’t just one short google search either. It seemed to me that if such a chart existed, I should be able to find it pretty quickly as I would imagine it would be on just about every website that pushed evolutionary theory. Couldn’t find one.

So for me, the “common sense” notion of evolution which I had developed by looking at this chart of ape to man, started to not make a whole lot of sense. I even tried to construct an evolutionary chart of my own, but I never could come up with even the first step backwards…what animal evolved into the monkey? Was it a dog? A cat? A badger? A raccoon? What was it?

Then I started having all these other questions…what animal evolved into a dog? Into a cat? Into an octopus? Into a cow? Into a pig? And this is where I started asking about the fossil records for evolution. Turns out the fossil records in regard to evolution, as best I can determine in my research (again with my limited knowledge of paleontology and such), have very large holes in them.

I also started wondering, “Why have I not heard of species currently in existence that are in various stages of transition to another species?” I mean, if evolution is an ongoing process, which everyone says it is, then why do we not hear about the critter that’s currently walking around that seems to be the next evolutionary stage, or is in the process of developing into the next evolutionary stage, of some other critter that is currently walking around?

Again, my friends for whom evolution is a religion could not provide any answers. They did not even attempt to answer any of my questions. As they say, the silence was deafening. So, all of this led to my “common sense” belief that evolution actually is not true.

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