Has anyone listened to David Curries Rapture Cd?


I have read his book about his conversion and soon I will read his rapture book, but I was wondering if it is worth it to listen to his Rapture Cd?


Who is he? Did he convert to Catholicism?


I have his rapture talk on cassette. If it’s the same talk as what is now on cd, I have to admit I was a little disappointed.

His Rapture book is great - one of the best I’ve read I thought his tapes, however, were disjointed and didn’ t go into the detail I expected after reading the book. It has been a couple years since I’ve listened to them. Your post makes me think I should pull them out again and see if my impression is any different now.

And, again, the cd version may be different.


Yes, he’s a convert from Fundamentalism to the Catholic Church.


I have read his book and it is amazing… I have not listen to his CD. I love how he explain how the Great Tribulation happened in 70 A.D.


I have read Rapture Trap and I have read half of Will Catholics be left behind? How does Curries book compare to those?


Check out the talk on rapture here.


Free mp3 download.


I will download this one. I have already downloaded some of their other talks. Bible Christian Society is great.:extrahappy:


Tell me about it, lots of good info for all Catholics.


Bible Christian is good, but Currie goes into far more depth over the issue of the Rapture.


I am sure it’s good. I hope I was’nt coming off as rude, when I offered my own input for a source on this subject. Its just that I also found this subject a bit hard to find info on, as well as understand. I was just throwing the source out there that helped me.


BTW I am going to check out Currie’s stuff.


Do you have any links to tell us how to get Currie’s CD?


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