Has anyone noticed that

just like every other forum, it’s the same 20, 50, 100 people who are always posting/responding? Am I the only one who finds this amusing?

Over what period of time have you observed this?

It’s a small community, with strangers popping by …

i used to be one of those! A stranger i mean. a frequent stranger.

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I think a lot of us used to lurk before joining, so I don’t think you’re alone. I used to lurk on the old forum around 2010, but never joined, only joining a bit over a year ago.

Well, since I’m one of those people…


With all due respect, what were you expecting?
The vast majority of forums have between 20 and 100 people who regularly visit and post. Forums are basically little communities. Even the Facebook groups with 10,000 members will have maybe 50 people regularly visiting and posting.

On a forum like this that is geared towards answering random people’s questions, large numbers of people just stop by to ask a question from time to time, or maybe just once. They don’t regularly visit.

The people who do regularly post here often have some special interest like praying on the prayer intentions, having discussions about certain topics, etc.

I’m not sure why you find this “amusing”.


It’s the Pareto Rule.
20% of the group do 80% of the participating.


I really appreciate most of the folk who contribute a large share of the replies. Without them the forum wouldn’t have any personality and therefore wouldn’t be as interesting.

Many of the regulars are of course SMEs. Just like a forum I use about cruising. The regulars are the people who add the most value, Information-wise.

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Should I do 0%?

Nah, without CAF you young’uns would just get into trouble out on the streets :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I do want to point out, that I am technically old enough to have children the age of some of our younger members.

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