Has anyone read AA-1025?


The story kinda tracks a little with Bella Dodd’s accounts of her time in communism; however, there is nothing really to substantiate either claim.

The writing style is not one of a memoire and I find the story that she just happens across these journals in the guys briefcase (who keeps their memoirs in their breifcase?) a little far fetched. It just doesn’t add up and with no corroboration and no other testimony to substantiate the claimsitappears to be a fabrication to me. But, that’s only my opinion.

I would say that Bella Dodd’s claims are a lot more substantial than are those of this book. She wrote her book while many of those concerned were alive, and some of what she said was substantiated by Soviet papers after the fall of the Soviets.

I suppose what concerns me is that many think this would be impossile…of course that’s what many thought about Hitler.

I thought it was far fetched also. Fabrication.

We only have to look at the world we live in and the current administration and think these kind of things could never happen.Our nation and familys are being destroyed from within and I think this book is valuable and has credibility… I remain hopeful knowing that the devil is alive and well and that we must remain vigilant from the darkness. This Church will survive the forces that seek to destroy it…His light will never diminish.

OP Fails to show a valid relationship between the topic and Catholic tradition. Post wisely.


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