Has anyone read Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldridge?

Has anyone read John Eldridge’s new book, “Beautiful Outlaw: Experiencing the Playful, Disruptive, Extravagant Personality of Jesus” amazon.com/Beautiful-Outlaw-Experiencing-Extravagant-Personality/dp/0892960884/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1321152683&sr=1-1

I’m intrigued by the author attempt to bring out Christ’s humanity and personality in the Gospels to deepen one’s spirituality with Christ, but given it is written from a evangelical Protestant perspective I’m curious about Catholic reader’s have to say about it, particularly since he attacks “religion” from blinding us to who the “real” Jesus is. :rolleyes:

Has anyone read this book, and would you mind sharing what you thoughts? Aside from the whole religion vs. spiritual thing, is it ok for Catholics to read? Are there any theological issues I should be aware of? If it’s best to avoid this particular book can someone suggest a Catholic alternative?

I’m half way through the book and am loving it!

I don’t believe that Eldridge attacks the Catholic Church but religious legalism that bogs down the heart and person of Christ. I also don’t think he is promoting that Christians should stop going to Church just because it is a place that may be plagued by “religion” but he recognizes the good and necessity of a true faith community.

The book has helped me understand that guilt is not a bad thing, Christ does not want to condemn me but direct me, and that my “Catholic Guilt” is really a sure sign that Christ loves me and wants me to grow in holiness and share in his friendship in the Eucharist.

I would also like to hear a Catholic perspective on the book.

This thread’s origin is a few years old… but I believe this post is worth the refresh.

I am an airline pilot. As such, I have had many hours in a very closed environment which provides fertile ground for deep conversation. Not all pairs of Pilots will have deep conversations, but suffice it to say that each Pilot will have a very definite opinion of the other’s values in life.

Recently, faith based conversations led to a question posed to me… have I read “Beautiful Outlaw” by John Eldredge? No was my response and the situation and timing in the cockpit did not allow any further discussion. Because we were in a certain context of conversation concerning the role of “religion” in faith and practices related to being Christian… I knew this was associated somehow.

After the flight I let my Pilot Friend know that I would purchase the book and read it. I purchased the book and am now going through it quickly.

First… for any Catholic who might be searching for authors that support the Catholic Faith… I would not recommend this book. Quite clearly, there are significant issues with Mr. Eldredge’s liberties taken in interpreting scripture let alone interpreting the mind and attitude of Jesus as a Man on earth.

Second or lastly… IF you are inclined to practice Catholic Apologetics… then purchase this book and quite studiously go through the book to defend your faith through the Catechism and the Bible. Remain objective.

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