Has anyone read the "Apologies" of Justin Martyr?

I find them to be very beneficial in understanding the church in the second century and the questions of beliefs that we often ponder as to where they come from.


Yes, and they are wonderful! I printed them out after finding them online. I recently sent them to my son as he has questions about the traditions of the Church and the Mass. It was a great confirmation to read what he wrote so long ago and know that we are members of that same true Church started by Jesus Christ and it still endures. Praise God for His infinite wisdom and mercy.:slight_smile:

I love sharing about St. Justin’s description of the Mass, written in about 154 AD to the Roman Emperor. Likewise I shared it on this virulently anti Catholic site…I was on there very briefly and had no intention of staying anyway.

They were showing some of his writings. So I put up this and it was automatically deleted and I was put on suspension for 3 months. Never went back.

I’ve used Justin’s description of the Mass in RCIA classes.

Yes…I write it out some times to Protestants…but I think with their particular focus, it didn’t really help much.

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