Has anyone read "The Day Christ Died"?

I just got finished reading this book last night. It’s a narrative that depicts in detail Jesus’ last 24 hours before death. I thought it was excellent and terribly heartbreaking, but immeasurably hopeful in the end (of course!!!) just as the story ought to be told. The background information on the world at that time was very interesting as well. What do you think of the book?

Are you referring to the book by Jim Bishop, which was published in 1957?

I read it several times when I was a teenager and I really loved it… it more or less formed my impression of what the Passion of Christ was like.

Bishop was a well-known author and journalist. His other works include “The Day Lincoln Was Shot,” (1955) “The Day Christ was Born” (1960), and “The Day Kennedy Was Shot” (1968). He also wrote “Day in the Life” magazine articles about Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy and wrote a syndicated newspaper column until a few years before his death in 1987.

Here’s a story about him that may be apochryphal or urban legend: the Mystery Writer’s Guild of America supposedly gave Bishop a special award for “The Day Lincoln Was Shot,” because he made the story so gripping that they didn’t know what was going to happen at the end! :wink:

Yes, that’s the one I mean. I didn’t know he wrote about so many events! If the legend about the Abraham Lincoln book is true, then I’ll have to read it next.

I too have read Bishop’s book, “The Day Christ Died”.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am in a book club and we always try to read something Christian around Easter and this was our book for our first year.

He also has one called “The Day Christ Was Born,” but I have not read it so have no review.

Yes, I’ve read ‘The Day Christ Died’. That was one of my favorite books in my latter years of high school. I have a paperback edition of the book, too.

Jim Bishop also wrote ‘FDR’s Last Year’ as well, It was on the same lines as the books on the deaths of Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy.

Is it an adult novel, or a teenage novel? Would like to know because I personally can’t usually stand teenage novels.

It isn’t a novel, rather a historical account of the crucifixion. Each chapter covers one hour of about a twenty four hour period.

Yes, long ago.

Also, it’s not a “teen” book as such, it’s written completely on an adult level. I just happened to read it when I was a teenager.

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