Has anyone read this book "AA 1025"


A friend gave me this book to read “AA 1025” which is the "alledged "memoirs of a priest who in fact was one of thousands of communist agents who infiltrated the priesthood beginning in the 1920’s in order to destroy the Catholic church from within. According to this book this was and is a plot by the atheist communist party secret police unit. These agent priests again according to the reading suceeded and continue to suceed in obtaining high rank in our church right up to the Vatican. Has anyone else read this book? It was published in 1980.:frowning:


It is a great possibility as there are so many priests who do not believe even in their vocation let alone the Eucharist, etc. So, I do find it plausible!


There’s a huge difference between not being firm in your vocation (which has been true of many priests in every age - up to and including the scoundrelly Popes we’ve had) and being part of a deliberate Communist plot to infiltrate the Vatican.

I cannot possibly imagine JP2 would’ve ever been permitted to become Pope if there were Communist agents in the Vatican - not if the quoted reaction among Poland’s communist leaders to his election is anything to go by!



That book is not authentic. It was fabricated by someone in the early 1970s.


How do we know this?

I just googled it, and I can’t find anything about a fabrication. Lots of catholic sites discussing, and selling it, but nothing about it being a fabrication.

Isn’t this possible. The story is allegedly about a communist who became a priest. Why wouldn’t that be possible?


A single communist becoming a Priest with nefarious intentions is possible. Even a handful is possible. Some kind of widespread Communist plot to pull down the Catholic Church is unlikely. Perhaps the Communists would want to do such a thing, but it would require almost super-human skills. They’d all have to be accepted into the Priesthood. They’d all have to keep quiet so they wouldn’t get caught. They’d all have to advance up the ranks where they could do harm, or at least a large number would. Everything would have to go right for them. And it’d have to continue to go right year after year after year. Just look at the wreck of former and current Communist countries and tell me that the skill is there to pull off such a conspiracy.

Frankly, if the Communists could pull all that off, they’d have won the Cold War.

A friend of mine had a good way of putting it: “Anyone who believes in government conspiracies has never waited in line to renew his driver’s license”.


So you really think the so called “cold-war” with communist Russia is over? Just asking and not looking for an argument of any kind.



Here is an interesting link relative to AA 1025.


This doesn’t carry any weight with me either way. I find their clims about Vatican II rediculous. Besides, suggesting that some communists succeded to infiltrate, and suggesting that they gained the power to totally overturn the Church are two different things. I think that it is possible that the story is true, but to suggest that Vatican II was a result of that is rediculous.


Posting that link was just the point I was attempting to make that it refers to the book and by doing so makes it (the book) seem less plausible due to the far-reaching schemes suggested on the site.



Anyone remember the name of that Movie on the life of Pope John Paul II ?? I want to get it if its available, there were two I think. I am referring to the one that had an agent of some kind that use to listen in on confessions when John Paul would hear them, it converted the man listening in because John Paul was so compassionate and loving to the people that came to him for confession. He ended up going up to John Paul one day and admitting what he had been doing, he was crying and was very remorseful for what he had been doing and the Pope embraced him.
It was one of those moments that just made you go :bigyikes: and then sob.:crying:


I remember the sisters telling us this story in the 50’s. What they always said was once they were exposed to Catholic teachings they converted.




Love converts, :hug3:


When I first read the book several years ago, I thought it could be true. I no longer think so.

It’s definitely possible that a communist became a priest. In fact, I would say its probable that communists wished to put a mole, or many moles in the priesthood, in the Vatican etc. Whether they succeeded or not, I don’t know. But I have no problem believing that there could have been “false priests” in the past.

I do however, have a hard time believing that there were more than 1,025 “false priests” as this book alleges.

Some years ago Alice Von Hildebrand, who I respect very much, in response to an article by Sandra Miesel, defended AA-1025 as a true account. Her arguments sounded reasonable to me when I first read them. Miesel, though, countered with her reasons for doubting the validity of the book as a true story. After reading both, I think Miesel’s argument was definitely superior to Von Hildebrand’s.

You can judge for yourself catholiccitizens.org/platform/platformview.asp?c=7993

It shows Miesel’s original article, Von Hildebrand’s response, and Miesel’s counter-response.


I fully agree. I read the book at least part way until I found it impossible to go on. I saw it as obviously a work of fiction, written by someone disgruntled with the changes (and abuses) following Vatican II. This story was an attempt to give an “explanation” for many changes – supposedly, the Communists introduced all of these things.

There is zero corroborating evidence to support that this book is authentic. Conveniently, the author and the “nurse” have never been identified. There are no names given to trace anything to any real persons.

It’s an understandable reaction, perhaps – although the fact that it was pawned off on unsuspecting readers as if it was fact is not excusable. There are too many things in this book that cry out “fraud” to actually document.

But again, I can understand why many people believe it since it’s a basic traditionalist complaint (the language is taken directly from traditionalist publications circa 1970) which had some validity, and still does.


i’m reading it right now.
a number of people think it’s far-fetched, but i don’t believe so. especially since 1025 has his sites set on being a professor in a seminary. just look at the indocrination in today’s regular colleges. and now imagine a seminary professor(s) whose agenda is to kill God!

1025 is very arrogant in his thoughts that he will succeed in destroying the catholic church. these people are very patient. they know that it won’t happen in their life time; but they are setting the stage for future generations of agents who will work on the next generation of priests.

i can’t remember where i read this, but in a seminary in germany, with in the last 10-20 years, some seminarians were invited to dinner by a family. the family said the rosary after dinner. the seminarians had never seen a rosary before! why? was it just an oversite at that seminary or was it purposely omitted?

there are too many coincidences in this book and in the prevailing thoughts about christianity today for this book to be just a novel.


I’m reading it right now. My feeling is that the book is either a fabrication at worst, or a greatly embellished story at best. I find it totally implausible, if there were 1,025+ conspirators, that:
*]Not a single conspirator has ever come forward
*]Not a single conspirator converted and of course revealed the conspiracy
*]Not a single conspirator lost faith in his mission and came clean
*]After the fall of the USSR, no evidence in Russia was discovered of such a plot
*]After the fall of the USSR, not a single conspirator gave up the struggle and the truth[/LIST]I might buy the tale if there were a couple of dozen such successful conspirators, but not more than 1,025. The KGB was good, but not that good.


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