Has anyone read this book? Thoughts?

I was recommended to read a book called “The Road Less Traveled” By Dr. M. Scott Peck. If you’ve read this book, what are/were your thoughts. Thanks.

It depends how secure your faith is as to whether you want to read it. Peck is not Catholic although Christian and has many sources of influence including new age, Buddhist and Islamic.

The book is interesting and gets readers to think about the nature of life and the way that they live. It has little theology and no grounding in Catholicism. He seems to talk about God and Christ in the kind of vague way that I’ve heard new agey types and some protestants talk. He also seems to imply that religious people are stunted in their spiritual development if they believe in a demarcation between good and evil and in punishment.

If you can read it through a Catholic prism then no harm done.

There is such a wealth of good Catholic writing out there - when you exhaust that, go for the Buddahists.

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