Has anyone seen Chosen, confirmation program?


Has anyone seen the Chosen, confirmation program, found at confirmationstudy.com/? I heard about it on the radio. Sounds like a great, overall faith program, that can sum up what a teen should understand about their faith and their relationship with Christ. But…I don’t know much about it other than what I heard on the radio and what’s on the website.

Thinking about buying it–it looks like it’s set up to last a whole year. It’s not cheap though. I don’t know if parishes around here have bought it. I think it’s new.

I’ve been looking into the program too. The description says the lessons are the same for the Confirmation Preparation and the Teen Faith Formation. I figure, if I decide to buy it I would go with the Teen Faith Formation and just tweak it to what I need emphasized. That way I could use it for Confirmation, teen formation, or middle school catechism. The speakers all seem pretty good. Chris Stefanick is in a few. You can see some of his videos here: reallifecatholic.com/. Jackie Francois in it too, and anything she’s in has to be good. Although I might be bias because I know her. :smiley:

We are considering it for our Church’s catechism class now. It has passed the test of the educators and is with the Priest to determine if he approves.

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