Has anyone seen Frost/Nixon? or Slumdog?

My dh is taking me to the movies tonight and this one got 4 stars… rave reviews… but it looks sort of boring. Anybody care to give an opinion?

Our other choice is Slumdog Millionaire?

I vote Slumdog Millionaire. I LOVED this film, it’s done extremely well and its very moving. But if you don’t like indian films you might not like it, although it is missing the usual bollywood singing and dancing.

Thanks! I actually do like Indian films! I’ll let you know what I thought of it. :slight_smile:


I saw the young Indian lady that also stars in this movie on Leno. She’s actually a Roman Catholic and talked about Christmas traditions in India…

I saw Slumdog Millionaire and loved it.I don’t know anything about the other.

So which movie did you see?

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