Has anyone seen "Ratatouille"?

And what did you think? Was it as good as it looks in the previews?

We’re hoping to see it tomorrow night. I watched the “movie minute” on the New York Times webpage and it looks wonderful. Can’t wait to see the whole movie. :slight_smile:

All I can say is best movie of the summer. It’s Pixar’s best yet.

I saw it yesterday. I be honest I was disapointed in it. I have really enjoyed many of the other Pixar movies such as Cars, The Incredibles, Monster Inc and the two Toy story films, but this move just wasn’t near as good. On the plus side there wasn’t much objectional stuff in it.

Well I say it today - and while there were some “dull” bits overall it was a good film.

**** Spoilers *****

I spent a bit of time especially at the beginning considering whether or not it was moral for Remy to steal the cook book, the herbs, and later the food. However he is an animal lacking an immortal soul, and Linguini corrected him several times concerning stealing. Linguini seemed to have a good moral foundation overall :thumbsup:

Another bit I didn’t like too much though was that they made Linguini illigitamate. And the fact that he lied a few times throughout the film.

However, the end was very endearing. It was especially nice when the critic had his flashback, and that he was no longer so bitter afterwards - indeed visiting the small bistro to eat the same dish :wink: :smiley:


My review:

"Excellent all around. I’d even say it’s Pixar’s best… maybe tied with The Incredibles.

The voice acting is excellent, the animation is excellent, the story is excellent. Pixar is definitely one of the best animation studios in the world. They have produced outstanding works of art.

Brad Bird is a great director and was PERFECT for this movie.

Compared to other animated fare this year, this film beats the crud out of Shrek 3 and is even better then the magnificent Surf’s Up (which is also worth seeing). I haven’t seen Meet the Robinsons.

A must see. 5/5, A+"

Catholig - AWESOME way to do spoilers!! You’re a genius!! May I borrow that?

The movie was very, very well done - of course, it’s Pixar. However there was a little bit more “realism” than I thought necessary which might provoke difficult questions from youngsters.


One of the main characters is an illegitimate child, and when his father learns this, he exclaims, distressed and very loudly, "I have a son?!"
A letter from the boy’s mother, explaining the connection, contains the phrase “he and I were rather loose” - although it’s shown SO quickly (and it’s in cursive) I doubt any child would pick it up.
Personally, I was disappointed by this plot point. Otherwise - a very enjoyable movie.


The animation was fantastic. If you hang around for the credits, at the very end there’s a label that says “100% Animation - absolutely no motion capture in this film!” which is astonishing. There was a close shot of a crumb of bread in the movie that was so real I wanted to eat it. It was pure, flaky, porous French bread! And that’s not even the best part. :smiley:

Sure - I borrowed it from someone else on another forum anyway :thumbsup:


I saw it yesterday, and sure, there were things that were objectionable, but I saw many things in the movie that were of a religious context. Here are some things with spoilers

I** noticed the belief in heaven: {SPOILER}** The mother of one of the main characters (Linguini) died, and when another character (Skinner) expressed his apologies, Linguini replied that “she believed in heaven, so she’s covered.” This was kind of watered down, but it was a positive reaction**{SPOILER}**
I noticed the struggle to believe or not to believe: {SPOILER}The rat, Remy struggles whether to believe that the apparition, Gusteau, is real or not real. He always refers to himself as a figment of Remy’s imagination, but in a sarcastic way. For example, Remy would ask: “What can I do?” and the reply would be, “What do I know, I am just a figment of your imagination!” Later, it is revealed that he is not just a figment of his imagination.{SPOILER}

I noticed the intercession of saints:{SPOILER}The deceased (Gusteau) - who is portrayed as a kind, loving, soul - plays an enormous plot in the culmination of real-world events on many levels. Though it is not exactly as we recognize saintly intercession, it recognizes that the saintly deceased still have a role to play in real world events.{SPOILER}

The influence of the Church:{SPOILER}The pivotal do or die scene in which Linguini starts to believe that a rat is helping him, takes place right next to Notre Dame Cathedral.{SPOILER}

The animation is unbelievable, and it almost looks as if some of the computer animation / cinematography was a mixture of live scenery and computer animation. For example, there are scenes that take place in a storm drain. The water and the rat look so real it looks as if they placed a stuffed animal toy in a real flowing river.

“loose”? I thought it said “close” :shrug:

five out of five stars. Excellent movie.
Suitable for both adults and children
Can be understood at different levels.
Down to earth (rats) everyday life story
One allusion to illegitimate child which will go over the kids’ heads.
A good break from superheros/blasting/smashing/grandeur

It did say “close”.

Loved the movie.
Seemed most appropriate for 9 or 10 on up.
Was very plot/dialogue driven so I’m not sure little ones under 7 would stay into it. The little ones in our theater didn’t.
Color palette was muted, for the most part, dark in most areas, unlike shrek and toy story and nemo. I think this has something to do with the fidgeting on behalf of the wee ones, but I found it wonderful.

I heard Michael Medved talking about this movie the other day. He did not have too much bad to say about it and was recommending it.

Unfortunately, I am boycotting Hollywood so I will not be seeing it.

Saw it myself. Was very good, though I would have ghad a slightly different ending but the plot overall was excellent. Mainly for kids who can follow plot and less edgy then shrek was at times so a would agree with the 9 and up recommendation. Adults can like this movie too!

Review from Decent Films: Ratatouille (2007)

DH took the kids the other day and they all said it was great. Animation is terrific and a good story. Clean (except for the obligatory few potty jokes).

The animation was fantastic. If you hang around for the credits, at the very end there’s a label that says “100% Animation - absolutely no motion capture in this film!”

HAHA! Yeah, my dad and I laughed out loud at that part. We both hate motion capture (my dad more then me since he’s an animator) and think it looks cruddy.

Clean (except for the obligatory few potty jokes).

Huh? I didn’t catch any…

I’m going to take my DD to see this tomorrow! I’m glad you all are posting such good reviews!

She’s only 3 though, I hope she will still enjoy it. :o

Sorry folks! Obviously it went too fast even for me to read properly. :o

Took the family yesterday. Wonderful, wholesome film - well done! [SIGN]BRAVO![/SIGN]

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