Has anyone seen The Dark Night?


Our 17 yr old dd wanted to see this tonight and we said not until we find out more about it.

The reviewer in today’s paper said it pushed the limits on sadism for a PG-13 rating. :eek:

I also remember reading that Heath Ledger said he had difficulty sleeping while portraying such a dark character. I saw a brief interview toady w/ the actor who plays Two Face. He says he read books on split personality and other personality disorders to prepare and that his mom couldn’t look at him in make up and would probably not be able to see the movie.

I can’t think of a good reason why my daughter SHOULD see the movie.


I personally want to see the movie. Looks great!

(Also, what happened to watching movies for the sake of watching movies? Sheesh!)


i dont think ur kid should be watching this movie… it is obviously not an enjoyable one if it is this disturbing!!

teenagers are really impressionable… and while watching movies for movies sake, sounds great… we know that everything that we are exposed to has some effect on us…


yes my dh and I went last night (midnight). We had grandma watch our 6 year old but didn’t have a sitter for our 3 year old so we took him along and he slept nearly the whole time. It was truly a great movie…not so much “gore” as “destruction” violence. Lots of explosions etc…


A 17 year old will be able to handle this movie. The charactor of the Joker is disturbing, but not something that will have an impression on you like Hanible Lector. You’ll more or less marvel at the suberb acting of the late Heath Legder.
It’s a great film, and has a truely wonderful moral message at the end. I won’t say it here, as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but if you would like to know what it is send a pm to me.


[comic book guy]

Best . . . . Movie . . . . Ever . . !!

[/comic book guy]


Thanks for the comments. Personally, I don’t watch ‘dark’ movies because I don’t like the images and situations in my head. They really bother me.

Dh will probably see it and have feedback.


yes my dh and I went last night (midnight). We had grandma watch our 6 year old but didn’t have a sitter for our 3 year old so we took him along and he slept nearly the whole time. It was truly a great movie…not so much “gore” as “destruction” violence. Lots of explosions etc…


My 16 3/4 year old went last night at midnight and LOVED it. He said it was the best movie ever. He wants to see it again. My 13 and 15 year old are going Sunday with friends.


This movie was Fantastic. It was a work of art, truly. It captivated me the entire time.

As far as your qualms regarding your son, a seventeen year-old should be old enough to see this movie without any problems. It is very dark, of course, but then again so is Victor Hugo’s Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Though the tone of the movie is dark throughout, as someone noted above, there is a Christian ideal that is portrayed throughout which is often missing in many other films. If you’re not one to let your child see many movies, make this one that you Do let him see.

I would hesitate letting younger children see the film, however. Well, those that would easily be scared by Ledger’s performance as the Joker.

Luke Arredondo



The people I know who’ve seen it all say that it is rated PG 13 for a reason. This is NOT a film for little kids, do not take your 7 year old.

That being said, your daughter is 17. She will be an adult in a year - I’d let her see this film.


My husband and I went and saw the movie today. My husband loved it and said that it was an action packed movie that left you holding your breath and hanging on the edge of your seat waiting to see what will happen next. He is into this kind of movies.
Myself on the other hand like things a bit more comical. I know I got some people to laugh because they were all watching it and I would let out a scream or a holler and they would get to gigglin at me. So I provided some entertainment. LOL If you are weak at heart, I wouldnt see this movie or if you do be sure to wear a Depends undergarment because it will scare the living poop out of you like it did me in parts. Would I see this movie again? Yeah probably knowing what to expect. There were even kids like 7 and younger with their parents and they were all in amazement like aww cool!!!. When I got out of the theater and got into the car, my husband and I talked about it and about Heath Ledger. We even said a prayer for him. Eternal rest grant unto Heath Ledger, O Lord and let Your Perpetual Light Shine upon him. May his souls and the souls of the faithfully departed through the Mercy Of God, Rest In Peace. Amen.


I had no desire really to see it but now that I read the graphic novel that goes with it I wonder how true it is to the story.


The PG-13 rating was appropriate. The Joker was extremely sinister and evil (incredible acting by Ledger) but the message was that he is the bad guy. It’s not like Saw where its violence for the sake of violence. This was a fantastic film I would recommend to everybody. Best movie of the summer, by far…


I saw it tonight, and loved it. (For the record, I’m 29 years old, no kids, and I’m a comic book fan who went more to see the ‘Watchmen’ trailer than to see the actual movie.) Heath Ledger’s Joker was incredibly disturbing, as he should be. Wonderful acting job, and it is such a pity he’s gone.

However, I remember PG-13 movies back when I was a young-un. My mother wouldn’t let me see ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ when I was 10, because it was PG-13. If ‘The Dark Knight’ had come out 20 or even 10 years ago, it would have been rated R. No, there’s not a lot of blood on the screen, but the amount of violence and psychological terror that goes on is definitely NOT something I would let my child see until they were at least old enough to drive – old enough to know WHY this character or scene are so disturbing and not something to be thought of as ‘cool.’


I sooooooo want to see this now.


Unfortunately it is because of this role that he was having trouble sleeping and taking the sleeping pills he was taking (Ambien?) which aided in his death. May God keep him in His hands!

This really bothers me, what changed that something this disturbing should be changed to PG-13? What ever happened to even PG-17?

Personally watching movies with psychotic characters is not something I enjoy doing. I won’t watch “Silence of the Lambs”, I won’t watch this Batman movie! If I had my druthers I would like to see the ratings stiffened up again too in order to make this movie “R”, just from what every one here has even said it should be.

Brenda V.


Excellent movie! POTENTIAL SPOILER:

The violence (except for explosions and fight scenes) was more “suggested” than “shown” and the most disturbing violence to me was the psychological more than the physical (i.e., there is a scene where the Joker cruelly pits folks on two ferries trying to escape Gotham after one of his threats against each other, and one where Two-Face holds Gordon’s family - including two small children - hostage, etc.). Those scenes were a little unbearable to me, but I often find such mental cruelty to be unbearable. At certain parts of the film, I did feel I needed to cover my eyes, though, for fear that something gory or graphic might be shown (it was not, though).

I think this film is appropriate for teens 15 or so and up (depends upon the teen’s maturity, most likely). Anyone younger than that, I wouldn’t take! I think a 17-year-old should do fine!



That’s what worries me about dd seeing it. She says it doesn’t bother her, but I have reason to believe it does.


oooohhh, someone told me 'twas the best ever movie!!! Can’t wait to see it.

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