Has anyone seen the movies Therese or Bella?

Were they good? Were they worth owning? I want to see both but neither are at the Library or the local Blockbuster.

I have not seen Therese, but Bella was a great movie. Well worth owning.



Bella was very good, and worth owning. Theresa was ok, the production quality and acting was not stellar, but the story is certainly good, and I still think it is worthy of a nice family movie night.


“Bella” bored me to tears. I couldn’t agree more with the message but the film lacked dramatic tension or much of a plot. The story also hinges on a tragedy that is told in flashback which I cringed at watching. I wished that they had gotten that out of the way at the beginning and then focussed on the growing friendship between the protagonists, rather than make the audience wait for the inevitable gut-wrenching accident – it was like waiting for the pain to hit after accidentally striking your finger with a hammer. I also thought the portrayal of the ex-soccer player’s fun-loving latino family and New York life in general rather hackneyed and predictable.

I saw Therese, I rented it from netflix…I really enjoyed it…It was a good family Catholic movie…If you are interested on learning about a saint, you’ll like it…

Thanks! My thoughts have always been that if the “film critics” disliked a movie I’m going to love it. I’m glad to see that other people felt they were worth owning. :slight_smile:

I have seen both movies, and I would recommend owning both.

Bella was a great movie. I could of watched the whole movie again right after seeing it for the 1st time!! I did go see it about 6 times, took different friends and family to see it, had to. They all really liked it regardless of where they stood theologically.(2 were pro-choice friends, one did buy the dvd).

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