Has anyone seen "The Nanny Diaries" movie?

I liked the book. Is the movie worth seeing? How bad is the language to give it a PG-13 rating?

I haven’t seen it, but I read the book too. Actually, I listened to it on tape. I liked the book, but I really had a problem with the wife who didn’t work, yet left her child with a nannny. I am eager to see what others say about the movie…

Yes, my girlfriend drug me to the movie. She loved the movie. I thought the plot was good but to be honest the PG-13 rating was not that at all. It should have been R-rated, there was a lot of swearing, that wasn’t nessacery at all. But I’m sure if you liked the book you will probably like the movie. Sorry if that wasn’t enough info for you. But enjoy if you do go see it.

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