Has anyone seen this film about Arthus Blessitt's carrying a cross over many countries and islands?

I think it’s called “The Cross”. I’ve never seen it in the listings, but it’s been in at least 2 theaters in the metro area. I don’t know what church he belongs to, but, unless he preaches false doctrine, it’s probably good for us to see. I think he goes to primitive lands, so I don’t know about any indigenous nudity in it. Any review by any viewers would be helpful.

I don’t know about him, but a week ago on my way to mass I saw a man carrying a cross on the side of they highway. I wanted to stop and say “God Bless You” to him on the way back, but of course he was not to be found.

I thought that was really a good witness to do that. I also didn’t know if it was perhaps some kind of a movement that people in general are doing.

The foot of the cross was on wheels, which made it easier to carry.

God Bless,

I haven’t seen this film. Anyone who sees it should know that Mr. Blessitt, like so many others these days, got involved in an extramarital affair, divorced his wife and and 7 children, and married the “other woman”. I think this should be taken into consideration.

Was all this before the cross carrying? Of course, atonement would include breaking up with the other, including a civil divorce with her ASAP. It’s hard to talk to the gays about the borders of marriage when our country allows his behavior and has allowed it, on paper, anyway, since the Deformation in the 1500s. Well, as a Catholic, it’s not hard, but conservative Protestants have to make a decision whether to accept what Jesus said about divorce and remarriage or not (I don’t know if The Church acknowledges Protestant marriages before a justice of the peace, but I don’t believe ours does, unless with a dispensation).

No, it was in the middle of the cross carrying. I’m sure it’s not included in the film. At the time (in the 1980s I think) I found out about it and was shocked, but as so often happens, Mr. Blessitt pretty much came up smelling like a rose, at least to the “Christian public.” A list of other “big-time” Christians who have gone this route would probably shock and depress you. In these situations the discarded wife doesn’t stand a chance.

Today is Good Friday, and I am trying to make a point of dwelling on the fact that Our Lord died for all of our sins, of all us foolish mortals.

Peace be with you,

Luminous Hope (this expresses how I feel about hoping to become a Catholic)


I was wondering how it was that a fellow could have so many kids mentioned in the credits!

I had thought, “Maybe his wife died, and he remarried?”

Nope, the closest it came to anything…icky, was when he tearfully declared himself a sinner, and then affirmed his faith in his loving and forgiving savior. :shrug:

Ah, well…I suppose it’s fairly important to simply remember that all human beings are scumbags; and leave our expectations to God and God alone.

We are depraved (i.e. scumbags) without the grace of God, whether we have supernatural grace or just natural grace working in our souls at the time.

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