Has anyone seen this site that claims there was an imposter pope?


Has anyone ever seen this site? They are claiming that there was an imposter playing as Paul VI in 1975.


Ha, ha, ha… no, in all the craziness I’ve run across, I must have missed this one.

But their own photographic “evidence” proves them wrong. Look at the ears. Ears are as distinctive as fingerprints. There is NO question the ears are the same.

The hairline naturally changes, and glasses make us look different (Clark Kent - ha, ha). Different facial expressions can cause our cheeks to rise or fall, or our nose to flair, but the ears don’t change. And those are the same ears - no question about it.


This site is awful in my opinion. Look at these dates following the statements:

**Jacinta - **“Yes, I tried to warn everyone of what was going to happen to the world of the future. *Our Lady said that the little Father in Rome would suffer great persecution, but much of this persecution would come from his very own, those that he trusted. That is why the picture was given to you to send the message throughout the world.” ***(Jacinta, June 8, 1974) *

Pope Paul VI: “man will destroy him now…”

Jacinta - "I come to tell you of the poor Holy Father. I cried much for him. We love him. But man will destroy him now…. I gave you the picture. I wrote on your picture. I did not know how to write much on earth, but I wrote. Our Father showed me how to write. Won’t you give everyone my picture? I want them to remember what I tried to tell them.” (February 1, 1973)

The children had passed away decades before. And can anyone think of a point were visionaries appeared later as visions themselves??? As for the photos, no sources are given to independently verify. Thanks and God Bless.


Yeh, I saw that site and I just thought they had to be out of there minds.


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