Has anyone seen this story on the Curt Jester blog?

The article mycustomizedcatholic.com? Myself I find it more offensive then humorous.

Why is it offensive? There are plenty to call themselves Catholic who reject the teachings of Christ and prefer to follow their own cultural or selfish preferences.

I know it is depressing to see people try and modify the Church of Christ and put themselves above God, but sometimes putting in a bit of humor makes it more easy to deal with. Kind of like Stephen Colbert dancing around making fun of those liturgical dancers.

In Christ

I.guess it must be a certain type of humor. I never cared for colbert or that other guy comedy central either.

I don’t care for any of his humor when he is rude or is disrespectful of Catholic belief. But his parody of liturgical dancing is spot on funny.

Much better than just being depressed watching people prance around looking stupid, and self absorbed.

I think humor disarms and hits at the heart of those who insult the Catholic faith with things like cafeteria catholics. It shows how self centered and evil it is to reject the Catholic faith for a belief in a self-centered faith.

In Christ

Um, it is a parody of CINOs. Besides, the idea isn’t Curt’s, he just linked to it from Creative Minority Report.

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