Has anyone seen this video of the "Third Horseman" in the Cairo riots?


What do you all think?

I’m inclined to first think that there is a logical, material reason for this. If that can be disproven, then I would consider supernatural reasons.

Appears to be a reflection on the window from the main fire. Notice how the camera goes along with it, so the stationary reflection appears to be moving because the camera is moving.

No ghost involved here.

Maybe that’s how God chose to display the image. Not as an actual apparition, but only as you described.

I really wouldn’t give this video any credence at all. There are too many plausibles out there that more realistically explain it.


What if God intended the camera reflection to be that of the “Third Horseman”?

Probably nothing, but coupled with current events it does make one go hhhmmmmmmmm…

I hadn’t seen it. Even if it’s not true, it serves as a reminder that He could come any minute. :thumbsup:

These days, with computer technology, things like this are easy to fake.

Just seems like the end times is on the minds of more people lately…in and of itself a sign of the times.

It wouldn’t be the third horsemen. It’s the wrong color.

Conquest, the first horsemen of the apocalypse, rides a white horse. War, the second horsemen, rides a red horse. Famine, the third horsemen, rides a black horse. Pestilence, the fourth horsemen, rides a pale or sickly horse.

Clearly, this is a case of mistaken identity. Either, Pestilence was in the wrong place at the right time, or he was filling in for the first horsemen. :hmmm:

Seriously, why would God… who is infinite in His wisdom… give us confusing or debatable signs about the apocalypse through an MSNBC video edited for Youtube? Usually, God does things in a more clarified manner.

Are the horsemen literal? It would be cool if they are but aren’t they metaphors?

Thank you!

That would be precisely my approach. It doesn’t matter that its a reflection or a prism effect or swamp gas for that matter.

The message is clear enough.

There are three light dots also on the video which move together with the horseman as the camera moves, like reflexions of lights in the street below… …but then there are three dots of light moving with the horseman and there are 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse, 3 dots + 1 horseman = 4 horsemen…

Guys, guys, guys… Everyone, every place, for about as long as we know there’d BE an apocalypse has been trying to spot signs of it. Every decade thinks it’s special, think’s it’s going to be the last one. For hundreds, and hundreds of years now.

We allllll seem to think WE’RE gonna be the ones alive when all this goes down… The thing is… Who knows if we are or not. In all reality, we probably aren’t. And it’s silly to try and dwell on it, and predict things that we have NO WAY of predicting.

Quit making a big fuss over it. :rolleyes:

Before anyone gets swept into the 2012 millennialist craze about the world ending, I think it’s best to set some logical ground rules for discernment about supposed “signs” and “prophecies” about the apocalypse.

For anyone actually taking this video anomaly seriously, may I suggest you read Fr. Groeschel’s book A Still Small Voice: A Practical Guide On Reported Revelations.

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