Has anyone seen this

MostHolyFamilyMonastery.com… This site shocked me and I just want to know if anyone else has encountered it and what to think about it… any comments appreciated…God Bless

They are two bishops short of a Council; two sandwiches short of a picnic, two bricks short of a load…

There are more than a few screwballs out there. This is just one example. To get this far off the track, if one is not mentally unhinged, then it is hard to guess how they could be so thoroughly out of touch with reality. But they are clearly not part of the universal Church; for starters, they have denied the power of the Holy Spirit and the admonition of Christ that He would be with the Church always. I think the common term is apostasy.

I heard it from my friends, but I haven’t goen there

I’ve seen a number of their works. Stay away from them! That site is run by the Bros. Dimond, who are sedevacantists, that is, they believe there is no pope. They use sensationalism to excite and confuse people and obscure the facts. They love to produce photos and quotes that supposedly prove that the recent popes are heretics and not true popes. The idea is that “pictures don’t lie” and “you can’t argue with the facts”. In reality, pictures can easily be misinterpreted or even altered, and quotes taken out of context can seem to mean something other than the original intent. For an example of their work and how their arguments can be refuted, thy this site: catholicintl.com/epologetics/dialogs/church/dimondbros.htm

Thanks for the link! I appreciate your comments

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