Has anyone seen Toyota's evil Deviants?


I am not sure where to put this thread. Hope you all don’t mind. I was wondering if anyone here has seen the website promotion for the Toyota Scion at Scion.com. I saw a commercial at the movie theaters that was very dark and was not sure what was being advertized so I typed in the url and was astonished. If you click onto the “continue” or play section of the Book of Deviants, it shows a strange story of evil little creatures attacking the “Sheeple”. The object is to get their blood (as an elixir) and **“change their aweful bleeting into awesome bleeding.” **The sheeple are being attacked because of their boring normalcy. The whole thing has really dark demonic overtones. Has anyone else seen this ad campaign? I find it disturbing that a major car company would promote anti social behavior and cannot help but wonder if the use of sheep has a much deeper meaning than those just following the norm. Has anyone else found this disturbing?

I agree that the website is repulsive, but I don’t think the “sheeple” has any other meaning than referring to bland conformity, from which a Scion car supposedly liberates its owner. The outrageous game, I think, is to generate buzz which will send people to Scion’s website.

I will say that the paint jobs offered on Scions are surprising.

I saw this at the movies last weekend and it made me feel old because I didn’t understand it! I can relate to the sheeple concept but it was pretty weird, I agree, and one of my friends had to tell me it was about cars.

Yeah, I’m old, too. But what I can’t understand, is why in a world where high school children are murdering their classmates and teachers, a large and fairly respected car company would choose to use advertising that clearly promotes anti-social behavior. As a Christian, I find the website appalling. It isn’t just violent, but I believe it is intended to be spirtually dark.

I don’t know that I would call it “spiritually” dark, just generally creepy. I played the game for a minute and listened to some of the music. They are obviously not shooting for my market, I’ve never liked the vehicle to begin with. Sad that any company thinks that this is an appropriate campaign for any market - but I guess they are only catering to what society desires. A sad statement in itself.


I was put off by the ad but honestly, having looked at the website I got sort of a laugh out of it. It’s rather creative and art isn’t always pretty. Still can’t say the creatures are my taste but I guess Toyota thinks it will help them reach their target market.

OT: Anyone who can use the word “sheeple” without irony is a mallgoth and should be beaten with sticks.
Most of the people who I know that drive Scions, besides my teenage brother, are old people, so this is an extremely bizarre marketing idea.

Which certainly wasn’t Toyota’s intention. They launched the Scion brand because the Toyota brand was perceived as dowdy - an old person’s car.

I enjoy my Scion (but then again, I bought it in 2004 when most people hadn’t heard of them, let alone had seen them on the road). It has great gas milage and was very affordable (and crash test ratings were very good too). And the leg room, before I sat in my car I would never have guessed that such a small car would have so much leg room.

I myself own a Toyota. However, I own a Sienna mini-van and therefore must belong to the “sheeple” they feel need to be eviscerated. I found it interesting that when I asked a couple of 20 something college students (males) what they thought of the commercials, they both agreed that they couldn’t figure out what “demons” (their word) had to do with selling cars. I don’t like the anti-social slant to these commercials or the goth overtones and can’t help but wonder who exactly they are marketing to. I can’t help but wonder if the young man at Virginia Tech would have found these ads appealing. My next car will be a Subaru.

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