Has anyone seen X-Files Season 11? (SPOILER ALERT)

Particularly last night (series’ finale) reveal that Scully is pregnant at 54 after finding out that William was not human and had been the result of an experiment.

There were a lot of hints this season that this plot twist was coming. What was interesting was how Catholicism plays into it.

The two (who had split briefly prior to S10) are a little closer this season while looking for William (now named Jackson) and while investigating a case in which a crazy woman makes Scully feel insecure about her age and her inability to have a children, she and Mulder check into “St. Rachel’s Motel.”

Just for background, St. Rachel was given a child late in life.

After a conversation about their future after the FBI and whether they would have liked another child, they end up sleeping together, which is implied but we don’t see it. We never even “see” a kiss this season actually.

Cue a few goofy episodes later, in last week’s episode, the sister of a creepy cult victim is attending church. We already got to see Scully go to church and take communion in DC before the case. She and Mulder end up going to one together and Scully opens up about why she believes in God. Mulder is still implied to not be a Christian, but when Scully tells him later that he doesn’t have to stay if he doesn’t want to, he stays and lights candles with her for William and dead relatives. She asks what he was praying for and he says he “can’t say or it won’t come true” and then she laughs and says it “isn’t the same as a birthday cake.”

The actual finale was fairly uneventful until the last few minutes. William, although biologically half-alien or whatever and apparently not really Mulder’s son (cigarette man “implanted” some kind of hybrid fetus or whatever) spares Mulder by shape-shifting into him and allowing cigarette man to kill him (we later learn he is unable to die when he comes out of the water with a hole in his head…ew) followed by Mulder shooting cigarette man.

At this point, Mulder and Scully have lost their jobs (fired from the FBI for good), their friends (Skinner and Monica Reyes die in this encounter) and they believe William to be dead as well.

Scully is still pretty upset about learning William’s true origins, and when she tells Mulder he seems devastated. Cue this exchange, which was downright breathtaking on screen btw (not perfectly verbatim)

Mulder: What am I if I’m not a father?
Scully: But you are.
Mulder: What are you talking about?

Mulder: (after Scully rests his hand on her stomach) That’s impossible.
Scully: I know. It’s beyond impossible.

The two then hug as the camera pans out for a quick image of William “coming back to life” which imo was a bit cringeworthy.

What’s interesting and pretty lovely about this ending is that all these signs point to Mulder and Scully finally getting their miracle (human!) child from God–not from science or from aliens.

This is most likely the end of the show for good, as Gillian Anderson said she’s stepping away from it because it takes her away from her kids for too long. Some people hate this ending, some want another season, but I think it’s perfect.

Thoughts? Has anyone else seen it?

When X Files would come on late at night when I was a boy, the music would scare me so bad. If I watched the video too it was worse…

Read the comments on this video: many people in their 20s and 30s were scarred by the X Files intro.

I saw it.

I didn’t really watch the X-files until sometime in the 4th season but I’ve been an X-Phile ever since. The X-Files forum was my first internet forum. I’ve followed all the X-Files news since season 9 concluded. I was very upset that we didn’t get to see another movie for the whole 2012 end of the year matter.

I’ve been somewhat underwhelmed by seasons 10 and 11 in general (I think the editing wasn’t that great) but there have been some good moments.

I think the ending was well done, but again, it suffered from the editing. It was too much to cram into a single hour.

I’ve been following various interviews with Chris Carter and reading some of the tweets from Duchovny, Anderson and Pileggi. They deliberately had no one check to see if Skinner was OK (You’d think Scully would have done so but oh well) just in case they need to bring him back some day. (Maybe those nanobots can save him?) Carter has suggested that the Cigarette Smoking Man may be immortal. (He did survive a missile to the head.) And Mitch Pileggi tweeted something about where Skinner was aiming that makes it seem as if Reyes could survive.

I no longer NEED to have the X-Files continue. I don’t know that I’d want to watch it without Scully. Of course I’m not sure I want to see a 54 year old Scully taking care of a baby either.

But if the X-Files does continue I’m not sure if I could stay away.

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