Has anyone taken there kids to a movie but regretted it later?

Like have you ever taken your kids and you now consider it a mistake for some reason? My dad thought so when we saw Gran Torino, I’m 15. good movie.

I screen all movies before my kids can see them, unless they are rated G, but then again, when was the last time a kids’ movie earned a G rating?

I have a 12 year old daughter. I am lenient, yet conscious, on what I let her watch as long as I am there to explain when necessary. I have let her watch violent movies with some coarse language that are actually history lessons. Some examples of that is “Glory”, “Band of Brothers”, “Rules of Engagement”, “U-571”, and “We Were Soldiers”. No, “Top Gun” does not qualify.

I also let her watch “Emily Rose”, for obvious reasons, and films like “Amistad”.

I do not allow sexual content at her age. I have a few movies that have a sex scene, but she hasn’t seen them yet. I’ll skip forward if she’s in the room. Think “Matrix Reloaded”. The scene isn’t gratuitous, and at my age it doesn’t do anything for me. For me, sex is a disqualifier.

Violence and language shouldn’t be over-bearing and stay in the context of right vs. wrong (i.e., Is the bad guy the one with the foul mouth?). I have not seen Gran Torino, but Eastwood isn’t known for wasting screen time. Chances are I would have been okay with it, but I’m not as worried about it as some parents.

Yes, I took my sons to see one of the Naked Gun movies. There were only about a dozen people in the theatre, and at one particularly embarassing scene, a character picks up an item and my 12 year old said, “What’s that?” The place cracked up and we went home.

Tombstone was another one, but because I was so grossed out by the amount of blood. They were a bit older, probably the younger was 14 by then, so I just went out to the lobby and sat talking to the nice boy who takes tickets. This was the $1 movie and we were regulars.

We hassled over the Rocky Horror Picture Show when they were younger. Their father said that the next time they went to see him in New York, he’d take them to the Waverly to see it. So then they thought it was this wonderful thing they just had to see. Eventually I rented it, and played it with the stipulation that when I had had enough, it would be turned off. It had been a very long time since I’d seen it and wasn’t sure what was there anymore. They both fell asleep on the sofa about 15 minutes into the show, so I didn’t have to watch it after all. It’s really not that great when you’re an adult. Although I gave in, I was happy that the battle over basically nothing ended and they didn’t end up going to see it at the Waverly. Not a place I wanted my kids to be.

Band of brothers isn’t a movie but i see. Gran Torino was really good but it’s probably not something you’d want to take kids to see. It does have a positive priest character though.

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