Has anyone tried refuting this

has anyone tried refuting some of the points made against catholicism in this massive 8 video


Why don’t you do it? There’s plenty of resources here on CA to equip you.

*]Refuting Papal Myths - “The Papacy is Unbiblical and Unhistorical”
*]Refuting Papal Myths — “Peter Was Not a Pope”
*]Pope Fiction
*]Pope Fiction: Answers to 30 Myths and Misconceptions About

Hey Jacob. Tell me a couple things first. If you’re ok with doing that. I mean I don’t know you so I don’t know what you’re into. But I mean what’s your religion? It’s blank on your profile so I don’t know if I’m talking to a Catholic or an Atheist or maybe even Keith Thompson himself.

So the next thing that’s important to know is what you think about the videos. I mean did you actually sit through all 8 hours? If so, what were your thoughts before you started? What were your thoughts when it ended a mind-numbing 9 hours later (obviously you had to take a couple breaks in there).

Answer those and I’ll toss a couple more questions your way. Then we can do this.

Peace Jacob.


:thumbsup: I actually ran into this guy (the one that put out the videos…or so he claimed) on “Google+” and watched some of the footage at his request. It was the same tired misrepresentations, half-facts, complete fabrications about Church doctrine and sloppy history that you will find anywhere else. Why he devoted so much time to making the series, yet spend so little time finding actual facts is anyone’s guess. His sources, when he did use them, were spurious or from so-called “ex-Catholics” who left the Church when the Church wouldn’t change it’s doctrines to suit their lifestyles. I think there may even have been an authentic Catholic source, but rather than quote from it, he misrepresented what was in it…I don’t quite remember.

Anyway, if you feel called to spend your time refuting it, there are ample resources (including what CM posted for you). IF you have a specific question about part of the video series, let us know.

Because he, much like other people who post tripe like this, have been influenced by an agenda or a world view that, to put it bluntly, doesn’t care about reality. It only cares about self-propagation, like a base, lower animal; and anything which would hinder this ‘need,’ is tossed aside, even reality itself.

They don’t do research because research is a threat to the core structure of their beliefs, and their entire self-perception is focused on those beliefs. If the belief crumbles it’s seen as a personal fault of the believer, and our pride won’t let the believer acknowledge a fault that grievous.


People like this are guilty of bearing false witness, AND In his case, It’s a huge sin for him with disastrous consequences to his soul. Because of the global capacity of the audience he reaches on the internet, the potential damage to people’s understanding of the Catholic Church that he causes with his false witness, he will have to give an account for this someday to Jesus.

really, thats crazy,

someone asked him what he thought of the eucharistic miracles and virgin apparitions

he said they were satanic

i also noticed he the bible quotes he takes commentaries are from guys who dont even agree with his theological views (hes a calvinist) hes quoting methodist books, etc.

Hey Jacob. Nice to see you back. I have this idea that it’s taken you until now to get through all those videos. Is it a fact? Am I close? :wink:

Would you mind providing a synopsis, or maybe list the basic arguments made? I don’t exactly do argumentum ad YouTubem. Thanks.

Who would be the audience of the refutation? If you already know you faith, you won’t need any help. But if the video has a specific area you need help in understanding, perhaps you can just extract the relevant portion and we can discuss. My internet speed is speeding at the rate of molasses so I don’t think I want to download marketing garbage or promotional stuff in the category of snake oil salesman.

The first thing I would say is why listen to Keith Thompson? Does he speak without error? How does one know he is speaking the truth? Answer: you don’t know because he has no authority from God, an authority which is validated by someone or something outside of himself.

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