Has anyone used CyclePRO (NFP charting software)?

I just got a letter in the mail from CCIL introducing CyclePRO. I was wondering if anyone has used it. It looks like ovusoft’s charting. I want to know what you think about it. Would it be worth it purchasing it?

I use www.hormonalforecaster.com

My wife and I just got it in the mail. It looks like very nicely developed software, that accurately charts and estimates ovulation times (with a good deal of flexibility), as well as the end of phase 1. I would say it is worth buying, to support CCL and having a backup place for your charts - it is also a great way to verify ovulation, given CCL’s calculations.

I currently use another software, but I did purchase it. I have not got it in yet, but once I start using it I can let you know what I think.

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Heard of CyclePRO but haven’t used it. I like Ovusoft. :slight_smile:

I have also used Ovusoft TCOYF and Hormonal Forecaster, and find both of them to be less reliable in their calculations of phases. CCL’s is right on the ball given the sympto-thermal rules. It is also a more nicely designed software, with a clearer interface (I think).

I’m probably just missing it, but I can’t see if it is compatible with a Mac… anyone know?

Minimum Computer Specifications

*]Windows XP, Vista, Mac OSX (10.4.8) or higher
*]Computer capable of running Java Runtime version 1.5 or higher
*]Monitor resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher
*]256 MB RAM
*]120 MB available storage space[/LIST]ccli.org/software/purchase.php

What rules does it use?

I read on the CCLI site that they are revamping the rules - Extreme Makeover or some similar nonsense.

I read it uses all the rules, inlcuding their newest one (and I have no idea which one that is).

BTW, that you all for the replies… I think I will buy it. I have used the sample of Ovusoft and I sort of liked it. Currently I use my paper charts and fertility friend, but fertility friend is not accurate at all.

I remember reading somewhere that it uses the new rules, but you can set it to calculate phase 1 based on first dry day, doering, or “shortest cycle” (which is maybe a new rule?). Phase 3 rules seem to be roughly the same. It doesn’t give any options there (which I think is because part of the “new” system is harmonizing all the various slightly different rules like K, etc because they only have marginally different reliability calculations), but it’s estimations of the start of phase 3 are the same as our paper estimations were after I entered in all the old charting information. I can’t say that TCOYF or Hormonal Forecaster had the same level of reliability.

Just want to throw in here that if you are at all supportive of breastfeeding, you may not want to support CCL. They have come out with some really stupid ideas about breastfeeding as a natural child spacer, accusing mothers of “using” their babies for basically contraceptive purposes. It got so bad that John and Sheila Kippley (who were forced out of the org. they founded) spoke out about it on their site: nfpandmore.com

Here is the specific blog page mentioning the breastfeeding controversy: nfpandmore.org/wordpress/?cat=6

That’s weird… how can BFing be using your baby??? I wonder where they got that idea from. I already purchased the software though. :shrug:

Hello all. I am new here but wanted to post about CyclePRO and CCL. I purchased CyclePRO about one month ago, and LOVE it. I, too, have found that when I entered previous chart data the software has predicted the start of phase 3 just as I have on every occasion, which is very exciting. While it is pricey, I have been so surprised to find how much time it saves me every day having the program on my computer and not having those crazy moments where I just cannot find my paper chart anywhere!

About the changes to CCL, they have the full scoop on their website (ccli.org, I believe). Regardless of what happened with the Kippleys, I believe that CCL is a great source of good. They have attempted (and, in my opinion, succeeded) in making NFP more “user-friendly” for those that didn’t have time or care to delve into a very in-depth, long winded (and well-written) text with too many rules to count, which would teach them about NFP. I am a young professional student (medical) and I couldn’t even remember all those rules, even after charting for two years! CCL wants to be accessible to all young people, and this is something that they had to do to get back in touch with the times, so to speak. The groundwork is the same, it’s just that that “packaging” is different.

I know the emphasis on ecological breastfeeding was rumored to be lessened, but I would doubt that they specifically ostracized women for breastfeeding and “using” their babies for immoral reasons. I would have to check my book, but I cannot do that at this time. Regardless, CCL works hard to provide a source of good and God’s will to the lives of Catholics worldwide. They are fully deserving of our support. They are simply in the process of evolving, as our society constantly demands.

I had also wanted to get the CyclePRO but after reading some of the stuff the CCL is doing I am not sure if I feel like supporting them aney more. Although the changes are small at this time they may lead to some big problems in the future. It seems the CCL has lost the since of fallowing the true teachings of the Catholic Church for the softer approuch that will make people feel better. Also there new BF teachings may bless us with many more babies. It is inportant to remember that fallowing the faith is not always easy.

I think there are a number of health issues associated with breastfeeding which do not occur with normal aspects of NFP. I tried to follow the seven standards and my baby lost too much weight and was referred to a paediatrician. It should only be done when it is in the best interests of child and with help of midwife.

Hi, I’m using CylcePro but it’s not showing any phase changes… every thing is just green :(.

Do you know why?

The software SUCKS. It just erased a year’s worth of cycles for NO reason. This is not the first time I have had this problem with the software. I just emailing CCL for help. Ughhhhh I am so MAD!

Hi, I hear your concerns. As a certified NFP teacher, I highly encourage you to take a fully updated main series course (all three classes) if you doubt CCL’s faithfulness to Catholic teachings or CCL’s perspective on breastfeeding. From what you wrote, I guarantee that your concerns will be addressed. CCL’s NFP courses meet the USCCB’s Standards For Diocesan NFP Ministry.

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