Has anyone used the NFP home study course?


Our local ccli couple recently had a baby, so are not teaching - there are some classes from our diocese, but the schedule doesn’t mesh well with ours - plus, it would be more convenient to do a home course anyway since we have 3 little ones at home.

Any reviews of the home study course?


I took the home course a little over 2 years ago. The version I took was very detailed and had more “rules” than their current program. I did not have any problems with it. In fact, my DH and I are now a teaching couple. I think that as long as you are committed to really taking time to learn it on your own, you will be fine. Plus, you are able to call ccl with any questions you may have. Good luck and God bless!


Thanks so much for your reply:) It’s good to know that you recommend it, especially considering the fact that you’re a teaching couple!!



You should consider the Creighton Model NaPro Technology. The link above has teacher locations. But you might be able to just speak with a local (teacher) the person that i saw was a nurse. And then they give you all of the information. You then only need to meet with them once a month and then less once you are comfortable with the process.

Hope that helps.


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