Has Church issued any statement on Pokemon?

Has the church made an official statement? There’s this link going around claiming that the Pope said it was encouraging witchcraft and should be avoided.

No, the Church hasn’t made any pronouncement on Pokemon Go.

(There was a satirical website that ran a humorous piece about the Pope saying the game was of the devil, however.)

Our Archdiocese did release an internal memo asking that we welcome game players as a chance to Evangelize.
Which, I doubt they’d be interested in, but hey. Always nice to be friendly. :shrug:

The pastor of a Southern Baptist church not too far from where I live placed a very valuable Pokemon in the sanctuary of the church to attract new people there.

Gimmick? Maybe.
Ingenious? Definitely.

Our Parish did this. We have signs all around the Mission property inviting players to play during the hours of 8am to 10pm, except within the Church, Cemetery, and Chapels, and invites them to attend Mass, with Daily and Weekly Mass Times listed.

yes, some parishes are doing it as well here

you just never know. God can use any means available that he wishes

No, that isn’t the way the Church works. The Church has already given us all the doctrine we need to make judgements on whether something is good or not; there is no need for the Church to specifically affirm or condemn every fad that comes up.

I don’t play Pokemon Go myself so I can’t say anything about its morality. I can say that people are spending an inordinate amount of time on it.

I have the game, it’s fun, and it’s not satanical. It’s a silly game with fantastical creatures that you capture and you battle them.

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