Has Dr. Francis Beckwith done any interviews lately?

Anyone heard anything new this year in the way of interviews of Dr. Francis Beckwith? I heard him on Al Kresta’s show I think earlier this year. And he did CAL in 9/07. Anything new? I find him to be an engaging speaker.

Thanks!! :smiley:

I have a book coming out in November, Return to Rome: Confessions of an Evangelical Catholic (Brazos Press). I’ve created a web site for it at returntorome.com. Included, for now, are pictures and the table of contents.


Thanks for the info, looking forward to the book.

Now I wonder if some will accuse you of converting just to become a famous Catholic author? :slight_smile:

Outstanding, Dr. Beckwith…looking forward to it and hearing you discuss it on some shows!

For Dr. Beckwith fans, he was a guest on yesterday’s Kresta in the Afternoon again, discussing Notre Dame’s decision to have Obama speak there. I’m looking forward to listening to it. Direct MP3 download here.

I bought Beckwith’s book on Relativism over 10 years ago. It is a great book. :slight_smile:

(Not that being an author on my bookshelf constitutes fame :o).


You might also enjoy his talk Natural Law, Natural Rights, and the Darwinian Challenge. MP3 here. :o

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