Has God created other worlds and beings we don't know about? And wll God continue to create eternally? A poll on this too


My dear friends

I think God has created many worlds and beings in the past, and I think He will eternally. There is no doubt God is a creative God. He never had to create the angelic world or ours after all. He loves to create. I don’t think there will be anything else in heaven apart from angels and saints though. I think our univerese is infinite, but there is nothing to stop God creating other worlds and beings of whatever type in parrallel dimensions, I guess you could say. A bit like heaven and hell are in other dimensions. I know there is no teaching about this but there is nothing teaching that this cannot be. I think God is a very creative God and has and will continue being creative through eternity. What are your thoughts dear friends.

God bless you all and all beings in other worlds:thumbsup::slight_smile:



Maybe He did, maybe He didn’t. Maybe He will, maybe He won’t.

Now, just how do these possibilities affect the doctrines of the Trinity or Incarnation?

We can’t speculate on what we don’t know God didn’t, doesn’t, or will never do.

All we can do is express our faith in what God DID and DOES.


John Russell Jr,

I notice the “Yes” response in your poll is at 100%. 'course, there may have only been two responses so far…

I agree with you, but see no reason why the inhabitants of heaven couldn’t also include other beings besides humans and angels. Just because that hasn’t been revealed to humans doesn’t preclude the possibility.

I know someone will be more than happy to “re-educate” me on that, but it won’t change my opinion.


Smile Has God created other worlds and beings we don’t know about? And will God continue to create eternally? A poll on this too.

God created the universe and continues to create. I personally believe He will do so for eternity. He also wants mankind to participate in His creation. This is one of His ongoing plans.

Does He create life elsewhere? Maybe… maybe not. We don’t know and we have no proof of life elsewhere. Statistical approaches to this question are not proof (the Drake equation, the vast number of galaxies MUST have other life, etc.). Not proof. Also calling us arrogant to believe we are the only life in the universe only muddies the water. We don’t know and probably never will know.


Whether God has created more than what we know, that is yet to be known, but what we do know is that every creation is a reflection of His glory, so the more one discoveres His work, the more one reflects upon His glory. Reflection leads to reflection.


:thumbsup: Well said!


hate to sound so fundamentalist and/or ignorant but i just don’t see what difference it makes… and that if he wanted us to know, we would know…

this may sound “ignorant” because of that old argument before airplanes came along: if he wanted us to fly he would have given us wings.

but there is truth to that… if he wanted us to know…

we have been to space and haven’t found intelligent life up there… Of course, we don’t always find much down here either :smiley: but whatever…

i just don’t see how its all that important… to faith and all that…


Nobody’s said it’s necessary to faith, but it is supportive of faith. We are to find revelations of God’s glory in nature, life and “the heavens” because they are His handiwork, however it happened. Creation tells us so much about God! There’s so much undiscovered even here on earth. Have you ever looked at the amazing Hubble pictures? A person can love God and not give a whit for a bug or a flower or a supernova, but having a healthy wonder and awe in the face of God’s creation is a gift and a delight.


What do you mean by “in the past”? I suppose you must mean in the past of our universe, because you’re talking about “past” as a point in time, and created time is relative to our universe. Outside of our universe is eternity. There might be other “pasts” and “futures” of other universes that don’t have any connection to our own.

Our time, “past” and “future” probably have nothing to do with the “times” (or lack thereof) of any other universes or completely different forms of reality or nature God might choose to create elsewhere.

God probably, in my opinion, has created other “worlds” and “universes,” if those words are applicable, aside from our own universe. Other forms of reality and/or life, anyway. I don’t know whether such ideas as what reality or life was created first has any meaning, though, in view of God’s eternal character. In this universe, though, have there been other worlds and forms of life created? Well, new insect species on Earth are discovered every day, and if evolution is true, the Earth has looked completely different, been a different “world” many times over already. If that’s true here, why not elsewhere?

It may be that the whole universe was made for us, though, and for no one else. Or maybe it was all made for us, and all for the angels, and all for other species on other planets, and we were all made for each other as well. I don’t know. Christ did become human, though, not an angel and not any other species. We are made in the image of God and He came in our image. The awesome power of the Incarnation is central to the fulfillment of the whole universe’s destiny, including any other species, worlds or times. The divinization of humanity in Christ is astonishing, and St. Paul writes that the whole of creation is groaning in its wait for the sons of God to be revealed. This leads me to believe that in this universe, God’s greatest purposes are for the human race, for they shall be made into the Bride of Christ, and to which of the angels did He ever say such a thing? The angels are friends of the Bride and the Bridegroom, majestic servants to both who are greater than us by power and by nature but shall be ruled by the saints when Scripture’s prophecies are fulfilled.

In this universe, there may indeed be other intelligent races like the angels, and other worlds that they live in, but I think that they must all look on humanity with awe because of the Incarnation of Christ. In this universe, humanity is what has become worst, and humanity is what shall become greatest, that the glory of God might be most perfectly revealed to all and in all.

I agree with this, definitely.


[FONT=Arial][size=6]Response to all contributors

I’m surprised how many voted yes. It’s great.

When I thought about this and decided I think it’s so for the first time. The first thing I thought was we’re not so special as we think. God will have potentially a near infinite realms with beings He loves continuing eternally. We should not presume God needs us so much I thought. How many people reject God because their unhappy o angry with Him? Very many I think. They want to punish God in a sick way by rejecting Him hoping they will hurt Him and deprive Him of their love and presence in heaven. It happens ! We need to understand God does not need us to be happy We need God to be happy and we should do all in our power to ensure we get to heaven. This was my first thought.

I don’t think there are any other living things in our universe other than on our planet.

With evolution I don’t believe the evolutionists have it right. A small number of creatures have evolved but not how the evolutionists see it. I’m talking about the leap from one creature to another and not natural selection. I’m talking about developing new legs gradually and the like. God has caused some of this type of evolution to ensure man needs faith as science develops. If we knew 100% that there must be a creator there would be no need for faith. So to combat this God has allowed some evolution but this is not the norm. He did it to ensure we still need faith as this life is a test.

**With the incarnation we cannot say anything is impossible with God. This does not present a problem. I believe Jesus has saved other beings. I think there could be whole worlds created and tested with no time passing. It could be an instant choice. Of course the types of things and beings God can create is infinite and it’s just beyond me to contemplate what they would be like etc. **

God bless all and all the other beings:thumbsup::slight_smile:



John, you come up with the BEST questions for your threads! :slight_smile: God has given you a marvelous mind!

My humble opinion is that there are MANY “other worlds” in existence… that we, in our daily lives are completely unaware of. Thinking about this, inspires me with an even greater awe of God. :gopray2: For He is Master, of them all!

Consider the microscopic “world”, for a moment. Certainly… there are aspects of it that are known to scientists. But to the average lay person… well, we really have NO clue what wonders are alive at our very fingertips! There are entire “worlds” in every grain of sand… and in every drop of water and in every spark of fire. We have no real idea… of the order of “civilization” in an ant colony, for example… or a beehive. Science has shown, there is a ranking system with certain insects (queens, drones, workers), but how much more is unseen? Undiscovered?

As to the existence of “other beings”… I’m going to make an assumption that you are referring to alien life forms from other planets (please correct me, if I have misunderstood). All I can say to that… is that I neither believe nor disbelieve in “other beings”. Simply, because science has not yet shown real evidence, for their existence.

But since we Catholics believe in the “seen and the unseen”… I certainly wouldn’t be overly shocked, if proof of alien existence was found in our lifetime! All things are possible with God!

May He bless you, John!


(p.s. I admit, I wasn’t sure how to vote in the poll. So, I didn’t :smiley: )


Dear Marie

I don’t think there is any aliens or any life in our universe apart from our planet. I’m talking about other universes we will never know about. Other worlds whatever they may be.
I like your ideas of discovering the complex microscopic worlds and lifeforms too.

I hope you can vote now dear friend.

God bless you dear Marie, and great to hear from you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


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