Has God ever given you what you asked for?

Have you ever felt as if God predicted your request for something like you asked for a sign or an answer and it happened right away in a very obvious way or is it always in some later point that may not be obvious?

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The first time I ever truly prayed, I begged God (in so many words) to save my life… I had just almost gotten killed by some drug dealers who thought I “ratted” on them. I was in bad circles, to say the least. Somehow I got out of that, but when I got home, I didn’t know what to do but pray. And it worked… although I may not have appreciated it right away. Lots of kicking and screaming.


I appreciate your sharing your testimony! Hope you are doing amazing tonight!

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Most of my answered prayers are gradual, and hardly ever how I expect them to be. Often times the opposite of what I want… but I trust that God, who is all-knowing among other things, knows what is best for me. He may answer my prayers differently than I want, or take slow and painful measures to come to the best answer. But one thing’s for sure; my prayer for God to mold me into Christ’s image and to help me to grow spiritually, those are always answered with a “yes!” It’s just that, sometimes, the road to get there isn’t so pleasant. I’m being refined through fire, I suppose.

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My real name is “Ken”. It literally means “born of fire” (I think it has to do with being refined). :sunglasses:

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He doesn’t respond to my more…bigger prayers but I think he responds to those small silly ones (like praying for a good number when drawing lots to present something in class). It’s either that or they are just huge coincidences. But I think it’s funny though. It does brighten up my day.

My wife. Prayers took many years and went through some very tough situations, but my prayers were eventually answered. I would be nothing without her.


I try to be careful what I ask God for and I never demand a sign. I want to make sure my requests are appropriate, like to keep my children safe. Help me be a better wife, mother, daughter, and sister. I have been blessed abundantly and frequently. I have asked for big things in the past, some of which He said no to. Later, I realized why. Lord, thy will be done.


Not that I asked for them but more that I conversed with Him about things that I couldn t resolve,mostly practical,concrete ,and concerning needs of other persons,like what you would call Providence.
Concrete .
The two most obvious,and amazingly quick at the top of my head came within 24 Hours. And they were diffficult,complicated,and out of common.
It was like " What!! Don t tell me it was You. !"
And one of them with the special intercession of St Joseph. A genius!

Yes, many times and both. Sometimes immediately, some much later in life. Really awesome.

Yes God answered my prayer just about 2 weeks ago. I prayed for about 2 years and about 2 weeks ago God answered my prayer. God’s timing is always perfect. Praise God! Thank you Jesus!


God is good! Alleluia!

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Yes and no :slight_smile: The no’s are so often very good for my soul.God bless S1.

This is very personal to me but yes God has given me everything that I needed at every moment that I needed it. I look back and I KNOW that it has to be God that arranged my life the way it is. Even when I wanted something different He gave me what I needed not what I wanted. And His plan was best. It’s like a chain He started it going in the right direction and the next link was needed for the links much further down the be right. Things that I never would have thought possible were made possible by God. I KNOW HE has planned and steered my life for the very best for me.


It might be a huge coincidence but there was a time in my life in the very distant past when I was flat broke with not even enough money to buy food despite having a low-paying job (don’t ask how this can be). It may sound a little crazy perhaps, but I prayed that I might find a $20 bill (I live in New York City) on the sidewalk to buy some food in the grocery store or supermarket, since I would not beg for money. Well, immediately after my prayer, guess what I found? Sure enough a $20 bill. A minor miracle, which I knew I didn’t deserve but accepted with joy.

The other miracle in my life was when I had almost gotten a really good-paying job but one I knew I would be miserable in because it was not suitable for me. Well, I prayed that I would NOT get this job, because I knew that if I was offered it, I would not turn it down and would wind up very unhappy. Another minor miracle that I was turned down, despite two successful interviews and no other immediate candidate, due, of all things, to one of my references on my resume who said something she should not have that made my prospective employer think twice about hiring me. I was so relieved even though I had to look for another job, which I found, and which was much better for me.


I once asked for a wart to disappear and it did very shortly afterwards. Prior to that, I’d had the wart for a very long time.

I also got really frustrated looking for a place to live and prayed very adamantly and finally the place appeared. I had looked at 21 places, so I thought it was God who helped me.

One summer, I was down to the wire financially and prayed for money, and I’d get just what I needed right before the bill showed up. I ended up with a total of $4.00 in my account before the next money came in. So while God helped, He didn’t leave me much room to spare.

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For some reason, the saints and I get along, because if I’ve lost something, most of the time Saint Anthony comes through. Weather? St. Meridad. Mostly little, innocent things seem to get answered quickly. There was a scholarship I was in line for, prayed for two months to get, but I asked God for what was best for me. It was a full ride to a good college, but I was turned down. God knew what he was doing, because after the initial sting I realized I won’t be so tied down, (for the scholarship I would have to attend events with the College president and four other winners and studying abroad was almost mandatory because of an amount of the scholarship was allocated for that) and I’ll have more freedom in my classes and activities. Thank God!

I ask for eternal life with a God.

And conversion of a couple of people.

God’s intervention in my life is something i tend to only realize in hindsight.

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I know warts can be a real pain. They remind me of mushrooms popping up all over the skin. Some skin growths are flat warts and are brown. Sebaceous keratosis appears a lot of times.

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