Has God turned his back


or is he calling to us?

Over the past 10 years my husband & I have been besieged by hardship after hardship:
1. My husband was falsely accused of a horrible crime.
a. shortly after this his uncle was diagnosed with end stage cancer - my husband was then available to offer help to get him to the doctor, maintain his farm operation, and agree to take care of his aunt after his uncle’s passing.


Don’t worry, He hasn’t turned his back on you. I don’t know why God allows bad things to happen to good people, but He never leaves us alone! I’m sorry to hear about your hardships and I’ll definately pray for you (I know my prayers aren’t much but…). I suggest you say some prayers asking for the intercesion of St. Dominic Savio - a patron of the falsely accused. He’s someone who knew all about suffering both physicly and spiritually (he died when he was 15); he can probably help you and your family much better than I can!


It sounds like Jesus is allowing you and your husband to participate in the mysteries of His own sufferings:
*]Jesus was falsely accused of a horrible crime (blasphemy), and was put to death for it.
*]Jesus spent a lot of time with those who were sick and suffering, and He helped them in whatever way He thought they needed most.
*]Jesus wept at the death of His dear friend Lazarus.
*]As He was dying on the cross, Jesus had to entrust the care of His own mother to the apostle John.
Each time you experience any type of suffering, unite yourself with the sufferings of Christ. It may not make it “humanly” easier, but it will give your suffering meaning and gain eternal merit. (And it just might make the suffering a little easier to bear.)


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