Has Judas Iscariot ever been nominated for sainthood?


Has Judas Iscariot ever been “nominated” for sainthood? I’ve noticed that most of the other apostles are saints but I can’t find anything one way or the other on Judas.


Because of Judas’s betrayal of our Lord, pious Christian speculation has always been that Judas is in hell. For example, the medieval Italian writer Dante Alighieri, in his Divine Comedy, placed Judas in the deepest bowels of hell where he was continually tormented by Satan.

Theologically speaking, we do not know Judas’s fate. Some Christian theologians have presumed him damned based on Scripture passages such as Matthew 26:24 and John 17:12, but the Church has never officially declared that Judas is in hell. At this point, we will only know his fate in the next life, but we can say that it is highly unlikely that the Church would ever nominate Judas Iscariot for sainthood.

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