Has Mary ever appeared to YOU?

I don’t remember this, but my mom said when I was about 5 years old, I came inside after swinging on my swing set and said I had seen the Blessed Mother. But often, she appears to little children so I wouldn’t be surprised if it really did happen! :smiley:

Yes. This year I had two dreams of The Blessed Mother.
The first dream I was outside of a white tent. It was nighttime and I could see the stars.
The ground was sandy and behind the white tent there was a fire and I could
see a silhouette of a man kneeling and praising God.
He left the tent and to my right I saw a women dressed in white she had a long
white veil and long flowing dress. Her hands were in pray posture as she walked toward
The tent. She looked up at me to acknowledge me. I knew it was her. The Blessed mother.
she was strong yet meek her presence was overwhelming.
She walked into the tent and knelt by the fire to pray. I couldn’t understand her words
yet I knew she was praising God. Her words swirled around the room and I got caught
up in the praise.
I wanted to see her up close. So I approached the tent to pull back the opening so I
could see her face up close but just as I did that I awoke.

A few weeks ago I had another dream.
I was in my house and from the floor vent I could hear praying.
I recognized her voice from the previous dream.
I knew it was The Blessed Mother.
I went down stairs and I saw her she was in a room counsing a group of people.This time
she was in blue and white long flowing dress. As I entered the room she looked
up at me and smiled to acknowledge me. She was telling the group the importance of praying especially the rosary.

I was surprised to see this question.
I was wondering what these dreams meant.
Sometimes I feel the need to share them with people I know and meet.

Two years before I had these dreams my Dad was dying of cancer and I was praying
To St Theresa and the rosary faithfully and during that cold snowing and icy February
Rose grew out of my rosé bush in my backyard. I couldn’t believe it and called my
Mom who is a women of great faith. She said its your St Theresa the little Flower
giving you a sigh your prayers are being heard.
I took a picture of it and treasure it.

No, she has not appeared to me. I had a dream once after my Grandfather died that was the closest thing I have experience though.

I wish she would. How do you ask Mary for her intercession. I really need her help and I feel that I am too dirty or to ugly spiritually to ask her intercession as I know she mainly appears to children. (being a kid has many many great benefits) but I need her intercession. I only hope she appears in my dreams. but not yet.

Just pray and talk to her. You are never ugly in her sight nor will she deny you for being dirty spiritually but rather it will bring her closer to you in her want to help you and bring you to her Son.

A “bump” to this thread (for which I apologize) as I wish to discuss a recent “presence” (for lack of a better term) I felt, which happened a few weeks ago.

It was at night, and I was preparing for bed; I was praying aspirations to Jesus (as well as God the Father and God the Holy Spirit) and Mary (i.e. asking for protection — from the enemy and from sin — as well as thanks for their presence in my life), and as I finished, I felt a strange pressure on my forehead — as if I had been kissed — and an image of Mary (appearing as something like this) appeared in my mind, and I felt great peace (as well as a floral scent, although that may have been my mind manufacturing a scent due to Mary’s image). I felt afraid at first (as I was afraid the image may have come from the enemy to dissuade me in my faith), but the following Sunday (I am unable to remember, but I believe it may have been the following day), I prayed privately to Mary (using the statue within the church as a representation of her), I thanked her if it indeed was her presence, and I’ve begun to feel as if I did feel her presence, as if she wanted me to know she is still “with me” (e.g. praying for me), despite my many sins (I admit, a great fear of mine is to be abandoned by Jesus, as well as Mary for my sins; I pray often to be sincere in my repentance, although occasionally I do fall into sin). I have felt great peace about my “visit” with Mary since.

A week (or so) later, I was watching television (in the same room I had been “visited” by Mary in), and I began to feel a great peace, as well as a “cherry” scent (I have always loved the scent of cherries), which gave me more peace. Within a few minutes, however, the “presence” was gone. The following Sunday, I, again, thanked Mary (privately) if indeed it was her presence (as well as if it was not, and coming from the enemy, for protection).

I apologize (again) for my bumping of the thread, but I wished to discuss my recent “visitations” from Mary (if they can even be called as such). God bless.

Sounds beautiful.

Nope she never appeared to me. and I ask her to pray for me, nothing changes and therefore I have come to the conclusion that she has no use for me cause I have heard that her prayers are never refused. So don’t know what to say. I love her and believe in her and the Catholic teachings on her. But she has never appeared to me. I am extremely happy for all of you who have, that in it’s self is hope that she does care. take it from someone that never had it happen. . it must be one of the greatest gifts.

Most people never See her but most of us do experience her presence at some point in our lives. She does care for you and hears you and wants to answer your prayers but sometimes we ask for things that may not be best for us and as our Mother she knows, as well as God too, what is best for us and what will make us truly happy. Never give up hope.

God Bless.

I know what you mean, but it is everything, Everything I ask for don’t come to fruition What I ask for are basic needs. nothing that is immoral. I also pray for my heart’s desire and nothing. But I keep hoping Mary will pray for me. I want to feel her love so bad but never know. maybe it will happen.

I had a dream after my grandpa passed as well. My mom had told me that he had appeared in a dream to her and it was so real and he was so radiant. My uncle said the same thing. Then my aunt had a dream. I got mad and prayed he better come to me too!! A couple nights later I had the most real dream of him ever where I actually could feel and smell him; I said in the dream I liked him this way better because he could be with me anytime.

In all of our dreams he was radiantly happy but didn’t speak. It made me happy :slight_smile:

That is similar to my dream as well. Our Lady handed me the baby Jesus to hold. After I took him, I woke up.

Beautiful. Im jealous of you. I saw her with the Christ child but I never got to hold him. She just spoke to me in latin, so I didnt understand what she said. I still dont but I hope to hear from her again so that I may use my tools to understand her.

Mary has never appeared to me, but she stayed with me while my mom was dying. That summer I prayed and prayed that Jesus would spare my mom’s life, but in my heart I felt God saying no, but that it would be okay, because it was just her time to go.
When I felt angry, sad, alone… Mary always sent me a sign that she was there with me & that it was going to be okay. I would immediately feel at peace. I would ALWAYS come across a blue butterfly of some kind. On a card or a picture it would just stand out at that precise minute.
(FYI> The significance of a blue butterfly comes from appearances of Mary in South America. A woman there has seen Mary there, & every time Our Mother leaves, there are blue butterflies left behind, that are not native to that area.)

Also she, with the help of God, helped me to deliver my daughter naturally. At the point of no return in her birth, we said the Hail Mary, & immediately I was able to handle the contractions with a new strength! My husband was amazed as well. She came a short time later :slight_smile: We named her Mary.
I love our Mother… She is incredibly special to me.

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Yes I saw her. First she showed me her soul before revealing herself and I asked in awe “who are you!?” because that level of beauty does not exist in the natural world. Then she said “I am your mother” and appeared in a beautiful dress. Then later as O.L. of Fatima. I see her a lot still but never so vivid that I experienced her soul in my room and saw its beauty. I see why she is the direct path to Christ. She holds Him in her womb still in a sense and we can hide in her womb and under her mantle as a way to be close to Christ without totally burning in His perfect light from our sins.

Yes I saw her. First she showed me her soul before revealing her identity. It was a soul coming towards me through time and space and as she got closer the beauty increased. I was aware of the “weight” of her presence as a fully alive human not as a ghost or image. But a beauty like no other human save the Son of God. I asked in astonishment “who are you!?” because that level of beauty does not exist in the natural world. Then she said “I am your mother” and appeared in a beautiful dress. Then later as O.L. of Fatima. I see her a lot still but never so vivid that I experienced her soul in my room and saw its beauty. I see why she is the direct path to Christ. She holds Him in her womb still in a sense and we can hide in her womb and under her mantle as a way to be close to Christ without totally burning in His perfect light from our sins.

This experience increased my already intense devotion to her. And in moments of doubt I remember that beauty and how my soul knew right away this level of beauty could not exist naturally but was the work of God.

Yes, the Virgin Mary appeared to me in a vision I had at church, but I consider it personal and thus cannot discuss it. It basically concerned The Virgin Mary revealing to me that my sins were forgiven and that I should not sin again.

She has appeared to many people around the world. I don’t remember who said it, but I remember what was said, " If you want to learn about the Virgin Mary, ask a Theologian, but if you want to get to know her, ask the people." The Virgin Mary is our appointed and loving mother. Just like we have a natural mother, we also have a supernatural one. She is constantly interceding before her son for our sake. She never gives up on us, and with her son’s permission and in complete union with the will of God, she may communicate with us through signal graces, dreams, interior words/feelings, or apparitions. The fact that she appears to someone is not indicative of that person’s holiness or salvation. In some cases it may be for the opposite reason. Whatever the case, God’s words are never in vain, and as our appointed mother by God, her words are also never in vain. Will the person receiving the apparition etc have an immediate conversion? Not necessarily, but it will always be for the good of the person who receives these gifts, and or those around him or her. God is perfect, therefore he is also perfectly just. He will never give someone more than what the person deserves. An apparition of the Virgin Mary is a gift beyond words, but only God knows why he allows it to happen. If it comes from God and not Satan, it must serve God’s plan, wether it’s at personal level, or on a greater scale. Remember for Jesus, each one of us is important enough to die on the cross.

Two verses come to mind (1) “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.” (2) “For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required.” It is a great responsibility to receive such graces, and we will be held to a higher standard if we do, for we have now seen. It’s ok to want to see, but it’s not necessary. Wanting to see the Virgin Mary is natural, specially if you have a close relationship with her son, but we must not become miracle hunters instead of spiritual hunters. Our spirituality is what unites us to God, not how many miracles we have witnessed or received from Him. Having said all this, I will now openly say yes, I have had a personal apparition, not sure if it was a dream or if it happened while I was awake.

I was not a practicing Catholic at the time, I had been baptized and received my first communion thanks to a family member, but never went to mass. When she appeared I was around 18, pregnant and alone. Around a year before that I had decided to have an abortion, I was fine with it, but the night before my Doctor’s appointment, I was trying to fall asleep and suddenly I saw some golden gates opening, then I heard someone call my name and said, " The gates of hell are not opened for you yet, but it depends on you." I immediately opened my eyes and felt an evil presence in my room. I was terrified, but I was paralyzed, couldn’t move an inch. It was as if the air in the room was heavy, I finally broke free and ran into the living room. I did not have the abortion the next day. My father was not happy with this decision. Some time before that, I remember having heard someone refer to the Virgin Mary as their mother, and saying to myself " I need one, so I guess I will also ask her to be my mother" not expecting anything in return. I had a normal pregnancy. I fell in love with my unborn c, but a few days before my scheduled C-Section, I saw the Virgin Mary standing outside my bedroom’s door. I looked at her, but did not say anything. I was not scared, I was more puzzled than anything. She called my name and asked me to go with her. She took me to the room I had prepared for my daughter, and told me that we needed to pack her things, almost as if to show me that where she was going, she would not be cold, hungry etc. I asked her why, she responded, because she wants to come with me. I did not ask why after that. It was as though I trusted her. The next day I remember waking up, telling my mother what had occurred, and immediately rushed to the Hospital. I requested an emergency ultrasound, I told the Doctor that I knew something was wrong. She said, “There is nothing wrong with you or the baby.” She wanted me to calm down, so she performed the ultrasound. The Doctor confirmed my suspicions. They sent me to surgery. During surgery I heard a male voice, which said " Don’t worry, everything will be ok" I immediately felt a strange peace come over me, but it was soon shattered when I found out that the baby had been born with Trisomy 18. She was baptized and died soon after. A few days later, I suffered from a brain stroke and was paralyzed from my left side. Some say its a miracle, others say its luck, but I fully recovered from my stroke, even physically. Long story short, I did not become religious after this experience. That is why I say, seeing is not the goal. It was not until 18 years later that I finally became a practicing Catholic, thanks again to our mother’s love for sinners like me, our Lord’s lost sheep, but that’s another story. I have been a practicing Catholic for 3 years now, and one day while praying the Rosary, I finally understood why “Daniela” my daughter, wanted to go with the Virgin Mary. You see, this was an act of love, she died to this world, but she is now more alive than ever, she is a Saint. With her being so close to our Lord’s heart, I’m sure my conversion has something to do with her prayers. I feel that Saint Daniela went to heaven to intercede on my behalf. I have had other personal experiences, although not often or of the same kind. I may not be a theologian, or even deserving of any grace, but I am a testimony of His mercy and love for poor sinners.

Not me personally, but she appeared once to my grandfather. I have no reason to doubt his word.

Dear cart,

Thank you for sharing your testimony. May our Lord and His Blessed Mother continue to bless you – and all of us – with their love.

And welcome to Catholic Answers!

God bless,

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