Has Pope Francis ever celebrated a Latin Mass?

Does anyone know if Pope Francis has ever celebrated a Latin Mass, either before or after he became pope?

Also, has Pope Francis ever attended a Latin Mass before he was ordained? I’m asking this particular question, because as a priest, he would be required to assist in a Mass and can’t just sit in the pew.

Thank you in advance.

given his age, it would seem likely that he would have at some point during the beginning of Priestly vocation celebrated the Latin Liturgy. I am always amazed at how older Priests often time don’t really miss the Latin Mass. No guitar, No hand holding, no Protestant music, no applauding, …shall I continue …

Yes, he celebrates Mass in Latin all the time, it is Rome after all.

If perhaps you mean the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, then that may be a different answer. It is worth noting that Bergoglio was ordained after Vatican II.

Latin, or really Italian, which is the de facto working language of the Vatican?

Latin is the official language of Vatican City. You even have that option on their ATMs. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing you mean the Extra Ordinary form. I wonder about this too. After all the work that Benedict XVI went through to revitalize the EF, I hope that Francis encourages and promotes the celebration of the liturgy in this beautiful form as well.

I would guess as Pope, HH must celebrate them all the time. HH celebrated an ad orientem high mass (albeit in Italian) in the Sistine chapel the Sunday weeks back when several babies were baptised.

He was ordained in 1969. He might have said the transitional Mass for a short time before he said the new rite.

Yea, I was referring to the Tridentine Mass/Traditional Latin Mass/Extraordinary Form, celebrated according to the 1962 missal.

Latin is the official language of the Church, but they don’t speak it in the Vatican. They speak Italian, that is why anyone who works there and is not Italian must be fluent in the language. Probably most of the people who work there could not hold a conversion in Latin.

The official language of Vatican City is Italian, while the official language of the Holy See is Latin. The two entities are different, and it’s an important distinction that many people are unable to understand.

It depends on where the Pope celebrates Mass on whether he does so ad orientem or facing the people vox populi.

Mass at the Church of the Jesus


But this only means that the official communications by the Vatican will be in Latin, but doesn’t mean the Pope’s and Cardinals speak to each other in Latin exclusively…


The Holy See, not Vatican City.

And yes. But we are talking about liturgy in this thread, and so the “official languages” don’t particularly enter into it, except by coincidence. Most Papal liturgies in Rome make liberal use of both Italian and Latin.

The Pope’s first mass in the Sistine Chapel was not ad orientem. Instead of using the high altar, they set up another one where he faced the people.

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