Has Russia been consecrated?

My father-in-law is convinced the bishops in the US are giving us the wrong information regarding the fulfillment of the Fatima promise for peace after Russia is consecrated with the rest of the world. He is convinced that those who say that Russia has been consecrated according to what the Blessed Mother requested at Fatima are wrong. What is the truth? He and I want to know. Thank you.

In the end, it comes down to a question of whose authority one will accept: the Church’s or private individuals. If one accepts the Church’s authority, there is no question that Russia has been consecrated as Our Lady of Fatima requested:

The 1984 Consecration
No More Mysteries
Meeting with Sr. Lucia

The last surviving Fatima seer, Sr. Lucia dos Santos is also on the record as unequivocal that the consecration was performed by John Paul II and accepted by heaven:

I have already said that the consecration desired by our Lady was made in 1984, and has been accepted in heaven.

Your father-in-law should consider requiring that his sources substantiate the credentials that qualify them to contradict on this matter the Holy See and the religious sister entrusted with the Fatima apparitions.

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