Has science ever detected properties of flesh and blood in the Eucharist?


I heard about a scientific study years ago that did a scientific test on the host and wine after transfiguration to show that it had the scientific properties of flesh and blood. Do you know where I can find that study?

Also, aren’t there some Saints whose bodies have not decomposed? Who are they? What is that state called? Where can I find that information?
Thank you.


Dear Mk,

Unless God has chosen at a particular instance to work a miracle for the edification of the faithful (as He has done on occasion) the Eucharist should not show in any way a change in the elements of bread and wine after the consecration. When Jesus instituted the Eucharist, He demanded faith in what He said—and He still does. The ONLY way we know that a change has taken place is through faith.

As for the saints whose bodies have not decomposed, we call them incorruptables. There is a book out by Joan C. Cruz called “The Incorruptibles” that has more information on the subject. You can find the various places that are selling it by going on to Google. Amazon.com does not have it.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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