Has Sr. Rosalind Moss Found a New Bishop Who Will Accept Her New Community and Give Them a Home?


I am looking for news regarding Sr. Rosalind's search for a new bishop now that she will not be staying in St. Louis. Does anyone know if she has found a new bishop yet or if a new bishop will give a home to her new community? After all she has been through--always trying to do what is right and everything a bishop asked of her--it is a shame that she is not being allowed to stay in St. Louis. I would think there would be many bishops in the US who would love to have her and the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Our Hope in their dioceses. Thank you for any information you can give me.

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Servant of God John Paul the Great, pray for us! :highprayer:


I have no information which did not appear in the Advent newsletter of the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Our Hope. But this is what Rosalind Moss wrote:

That is basically the update as of December 1, the writing of this newsletter. I arrived in St. Louis a little over two years ago at the invitation of (then) Archbishop (now Cardinal) Raymond Burke. Upon return from my novitiate year I met with his successor, Archbishop Robert Carlson, who informed me that he does not wish the new community to be established in St. Louis, and has invited me to contact other bishops who may wish our charism.

But why? What about all the work that’s been done? The year of waiting for you to complete the novitiate? The women who who are hoping to enter? Oy!

Because God said. God knows what He is doing and I want only to follow His will, which has become my food. I am in the process of contacting other bishops, packing up the convent and waiting on the Lord. I hope to be able to give you a forwarding address with the Easter newsletter, if not before.


She asked for prayers and financial support, citing the resources spent on the building in St. Louis they will now not use.


She mentioned on her radio show that she has been invited to start her community in the Tulsa OK diocese. Tulsa has a great “orthodox” bishop. Sounds like a great fit!


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Thank you so much for telling us. This is such wonderful news! I have been praying that God would send Sr. Rosalind a new bishop, and he has answered my prayer . . . and the prayers of many others I’m sure.

Thank you Bishop Slattery! God bless the people of the Diocese of Tulsa!

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Wonderful news indeed! Bishop Slattery IS a great fit!


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