Has Sungenis' Website Closed Down?


Has it?

I tried to visit Catholic Apologetics Int’l. a couple of times today and instead of getting to Robert’s website I end up at some type of domain registry page.

So, is Robert done as an apologist?


They probably just forgot to renew their domain registration. You don’t own a domain name forever, you have to pay for it on a regular basis. They probably forgot to pay for it recently, and as such it no longer points where they want it to.


NO! I just entered his site.


That’s it I’m taking the domain in 30 days and forwarding it to www.bringyou.to or better www.SungenisAndTheJews.com

Now on second thought that wouldn’t be nice. :eek:

Bob better learn about HTML, DNS and web hosting real quick. :smiley:

Phil P



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