Has the Catechism been changed on Homosexuality?

In the Catechism on chastity and homosexuality 2358 the sentence—“They do not choose their homosexual condition” has been taken out in another Catechism. The one I have was put out in '94. I don’t see that in a later book, has it been updated?

Also, where online can I get the Catechism in a readable form with search links included? thanks.

Here’s a link to the CCC:


There are two editions of the Catechism. The first edition came out in 1992. It was originally written in French and then translated into other languages. Once that came out, they set to work on the authoritative Latin edition, which was promulgated in 1997. Once that came out, there were some mostly minor modifications that needed to be made to the English translation to bring it closer in line with the authoritative Latin edition.

The SCBorromeo site that hosts the text of the Catechism online conveniently has posted all of the changes that were made:


You can see that paragraph 2358 is one of the ones that was modified:

2358 The second sentence of this paragraph is to be changed to read as follows:

[INDENT]This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. [/INDENT]


So that sentence has been changed. Thanks and thanks for the link to the Catechism.

here’s the sections on homosexuality


Here’s the main page of the CCC to make your selections

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