Has the Catholic Chruch apostatized? Are we in the End Times already?

Matthew 28:20
“and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

So the Catholic Church is the true Church till the end times… but are we already in the end times?
Given the child rape scandals and everything after Vatican II, can we consider the Catholic Church as the one true Church or what we have now is the “Whore of Babylon”(from Revelation) as an apostatized version of the Catholic Church in the End Times?

You already think it has. Why ask a question on the subject?

No, I don’t think it has, I need to study a lot about it to know for sure.
I am gathering information.

What have people been saying that makes you think it could have? Besides Vatican II. What about Vatican II? Who is saying this?

Let’s see…

What is your source for the claim that NFP was not acceptable to the Church pre-Vatican II?

The Church has not been able completely to eradicate sinful behavior among its priests. How is that evidence of apostasy?

The ‘liberation theology’ faction does not speak for the church. In any case there have always been factions and movements within Mother Church. That is no way means Mother Church herself has turned from God.

Citation needed.

I have not heard of this.

Or of a corrupt and sinful secular society.


It doesn’t say it will be true only until the end times. The end times are part of “the age”. I’ve heard some argue that they are “the age”.

Even then, it doesn’t make sense that Jesus would mysteriously depart, since part of what follows the end times is being united to Christ fully, sharing completely in the Divine Life. He’ll be more present with us then than He is now.

The Whore of Babylon is not the Church, and it wasn’t viewed as such by Christians until some anti-Catholics desperately clawed for something they could hold onto to demean the Church. If anything, the Whore is an enemy of the Church, as she is drunk on the blood of the saints (i.e. members of the Church).

That’s a misrepresentation

The Church has failed to do a lot throughout history. I’m not sure why this case in particular should be seen as any more a sign that she is no longer true than anything else has been.

And the Church has pushed back against those aspects of liberation theology that don’t align with Church teaching.

Are you serious?

Emphasis added because it is important to note.

No it doesn’t.

It’s a free country, believe what you want

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