Has the CCC fallen into disfavor ?

How come no one quotes/references it anymore in threads but Bookcat ?
Do the Catholic apologists still read it ?

I am currently enrolled in a Chatecism class titled"The Four Pillars". In this year of faith ,there are many such programs available.So,no,the CCC haasn’t fallen put of favor.In factIMHO,it would behoove all Catholics to learn about our faith,through the Chatecism.

A course on it is taught to all incoming Pre-Theologians at my seminary, and it’s referenced frequently in all the courses. Not sure why one would think it’s fallen out of favor, apart from its detractors who will say it’s too dense or abstract. If one actually reads it (in small bites, about 10 paragraphs a day) it’s entirely readable, and can be gotten through in about a year. I’d recommend that every Catholic read it to be better informed about his faith–there’s a neat reading plan available on the Coming Home Network to help read both the Bible and the Catechism in a year, about 45 minutes a day. Might be something worth considering with Lent coming up.


Even as a non-Catholic, non-Christian, I would have to say the CCC has not fallen into disfavor. I see it quoted here on CAF quite often as the authoritative source in resolving or at least getting to the heart of challenging controversies.


What is “CCC”…? Is that like a book or something?

Catechism of the Catholic Church. Yes, it is a book.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church.

I’m kidding…

I quote it often.

Yes you do.

Oops - I kept reading your sig and didn’t notice your religion info :o

I believe that much of the reason that you do not see apologists citing it more often is that they are usually engaged in defending the Church from those who do not respect the authority of the CCC. As such, you will see most often citations from Sacred Scripture and secondarily the Church Fathers. Having said that, I am quite confident that Catholic Apologists have read the Catechism.

Among Catholics, I see the CCC cited all the time. However, I do not see it used all that often by the average lay person outside of CAF which is probably due to a number of factors. I personally recommend Fr. John Hardon’s Catechism for fellow lay persons as it is very deep from a theological standpoint, has the intended purpose of trying in the documents of Vatican II with the rest of Sacred Tradition, and I believe it is more clearly written than the CCC.

I quoted the Catechism to you as recently as Jan 21 of this year.



BRB, DavidV quoted the Catechism in a thread in the nature of revelation which you participated in on Feb 8.



Yes u did …to me in fact ! :smiley:

I had read the abbreviated CCC 4 yrs back, …but for Lent, just started the complete VATICAN VERSION, 1992.

I’m blown away by it !! Its the most amazing read since release of our Catholic Canon of Sacred Scripture in 4th Century. I’m 1/3 in, 2/3rds to go… cant put it down. This is the greatest treasure of Church teachings, reference book, devotional read I’ve encountered.

Every Apologist for Cath. Church must not overlook this JEWEL !

Yes, a few here do …thats what caused me to read the complete version !!

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