Has the Church proclaimed that Martin Luther was not a heretic?

Has the Church ever proclaimed that Martin Luther was not a heretic?

Somebody I knew recently asserted that the Church recently apologized for claiming Martin Luther was a heretic. I instantly wanted to disagree, but was not really sure.

There are some old threads in 2008 that say that the Church was about to claim that Martin Luther was not a heretic, but I have not found any documents or real evidence. Is there any?

Martin Luther committed heresy by disavowing the Pope and calling him the anti-Christ. There have been discussion about the Lutheran church and the Roman church reconciling, but there will be no way to un-excommunicate a person that has died.

As far as the Church is concerned all Protestantism is a heresy.

Martin Luther did in fact teach some grave errors from the Apostolic/Catholic/Orthodox point of view. Catholics today, such as Pope Benedict, can have sympathy for Luther without embracing his faulty theology.



Mark Brumley: The Pope, Martin Luther and Our Time

No, I am sure this never happened. There has not been an official statement to this effect. I have closely followed Catholic news for 40 years. If someone said this to me, I would ask them where this was said. They are the person saying something, not you, so asking them this would be perfectly proper. Perhaps though he simply heard some Catholic spouting off.


If so, then we probably missed the Pope’s wedding also!:smiley:



Non-Catholics and Catholics alike have to remember that Martin Luther was a Catholic Augustinian Monk under solemn vows.

I believe that Augustinians vow chastity, poverty and obedience. His vows state that he forfeits his soul if he ever breaks them and break them he did when he married and had children. For this he was also automatically excommunicated , by his own actions. The Church later excommunicated him formally, along with all of his followers at the time.


Next time you hear goofy things like this, ask the person to site their sources for what they are asserting.

You might also want to ask what kind of drugs their source was on when they asserted this “news”:shrug:

lol :smiley:

Not sure about it, and never heard that he was a heretics,but as far as i know by religion he was a Baptist.

To begin with he was an Augustinian monk, then he was excommunicated from the Church and he started his own which ultimately became the Lutheran communities. I think it was originally called “the German National Church”:shrug: He was excommunicated because he began to teach heresy.

Funny guy. We are speaking of Martin Luther not Martin Luther King.

Martin Luther King for sure was a Baptist. He has a niece, Dr Alveta King who works with Priests For Life to attempt to secure civil rights for the Unborn.:slight_smile:

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