Has the Church "ruled" on Medjugorje?

Our priest was over to bless our new house. While he was here, we showed him a picture of what we were told was taken in Medugorje which is of the Virgin Mary. He recognized the picture and told us of a statue that was thrown in a river when the city was sacked, but later saved by the locals. He told us more about the apparitions etc. Then he said something puzzling, that “the Church” (emphasis his) didn’t officially recognize the apparitions and would not until all the children to whom our Blessed Mother appeared had died. Can you elaborate? He recently said he felt that the Church should reconsider ordaining women so we’ve been a little…spooked…and just want to be sure since Medugorje (despite my poor spelling of the name) means a lot to us and he seems to allege “the Church” was somehow wrong or at odds with his view.

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